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Thread: Do You Carry While At Home?

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    Always armed, except in the shower.
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    No, I checked with the local Thieves Guild and they assured me they have nothing scheduled for my residence in the near future.

    Actually I find it inconvenient to carry inside but I do have a weapon within arms reach 98% of the time and never very far away.

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    The only time I don't carry is when I'm at work, not allowed, unfortunate but need the job to pay for my toys. Got my Kahr in my pocket as I type. Last thing I want is not to be able to protect my family in my own home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Green:245855
    Nope, no paranoia here...
    Really, there IS a healthy level of paranoia.

  6. Yes, when home I carry until I go to bed and it's right next to me in my bedside holster. You never know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Providence Ranch View Post
    Really, there IS a healthy level of paranoia.
    Paranoia typically refers to irrational fear. Aka, being scared for no rational or legitimate reason. A baseless or delusional fear. So there is not a healthy level of paranoia. However, obviously having a small amount of rational fear can be healthy depending on the situation.

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    Nearly always carry at home and away.
    My family seems to be comfortable with me being provider and protector.
    The two other adults know where guns are, and how to use them.

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    Never carry at home, but always have one in reach.
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    Paranoia? Lament of the "Intelligence Analyst": I know I'm being paranoid. But am I being paranoid enough?

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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    Yes I do. Was a bit tough yesterday up on the roof in the rain but I had it on none the less.

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