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Thread: Do You Carry While At Home?

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    At home - if I am dressed, at least one pistol is on my person. Others are nearby. In my pajamas - I carry the holster with me and set it down next to me wherever I stop. Bathtub - next to me in easy reach. Bed - on the shelf directly behind my pillow. In the garage - on me, usually accompanied by my FAL. Yard - in a holster on my belt. FAL may be nearby.

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    Hi Jeff! FYI, we're doing a tactical shoot free to all former students. Give me a call.

    I don't carry inside the home but always have something within reach. I rely on steel doors, cameras, alarms and a dog as a first level of warning/defense. This will generally be enough for the average burglar but will only slow down someone who is intent on harm. Outside and around the grounds I always have it in my pocket.

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    I carry at home...always. If you see me you can rest assured I'm armed. Paranoid? No, I don't think so. Just this week a 67 yr old neighbor was attacked in his garage. My husband doesn't always carry but he's fine with the fact that I do.
    I never want to be in the position of not being able to get to my weapon when needed and let's be honest...we never know when or where that will be. There are many things that can accidentally kill you in your home...but I sleep well knowing that if a thug enters my home he's going to have a very bad day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caribou View Post
    No, I checked with the local Thieves Guild and they assured me they have nothing scheduled for my residence in the near future.
    They are Bad Guys.... they LIE!

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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  6. I don't usually have it on me while I'm at home because the kids like to rough house, but it's only a quick dart away.

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    A few years back I read an article in an NRA magazine about a gentleman that kept guns in every room of is house so he could get to one quickly if he need to. One day a guy that had worked for him before came to the house and attacked the man right outside of his front door. The gentleman made it into the house but the guy got to him and killed him. He died within 6 feet of a pistol he kept in a drawer.
    I've carried everyday since then when at home or away.
    My mother-inlaw asked me one night why I carried while in the house. I simply asked if she knew when a home invasion would happen. The answer is no so I carry to be prepared for the worst.

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    Yes I do with no problem

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    Second to work I spend most of my time at home. Can't carry at work (Federal Property) but I almost always carry once I get home. If I'm going to be inside the entire time I may carry open. Otherwise, such as mowing the lawn, I carry concealed.

    Don't need to alarm the neighbors. Although one of my neighbors did say to me a while back that if trouble started in our area, he was going to come to my home so he's protected.

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    Can't carry at work but as soon as I get home and change the first thing I put on is my PF-9 in an IWB holster. When going to bed I take it off but still keep it on my nightstand. The next morning before going to work I lock it back up in the safe.

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    @ Mike508 -- couldn't convince the neighbor to get their own CPL and firearm, eh? {;-P

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