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Thread: Do You Carry While At Home?

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    Always... Pants, belt, gun, shirt, sox, shoes. It is part of my wardrobe! I am home 90% of the time.

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    Yes, If I am not carrying, it is close at hand!
    If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!

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    My M&P 357 sig is always on my hip. (except on the shower our bed, but always nearby).

  5. Mosy of the time I have one within reach.

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    I always have a gun on me or within my immediate reach. I work from home and my wife is home with the kids. I work upstairs and they have the rest of the house. I sleep with my main gun by my bed and pick it up and carry it to my desk. It follows me everywhere. I don't dare leave it laying around with my little boy running around. My wife never questions it. My older kids don't even pay attention to it. But there have been two home invasions in our little neighborhood where men kicked in the back door and robbed the homes. Smash-n-grab with nobody home (no fence and valuables left out visible), but not going to let that be an excuse for us. We're constantly on the guard and vigilant to not draw attention to ourselves.

    Don't let your guard down. If you are able, carry. Chances are good that you will never be a victim, but that cannot be your excuse for becoming one.

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    I carry at home. Never know when the bad dudes are going to show up. I'm like most of the rest here. If I am not in bed or in the shower I'm strapped. If my doorbell rings I have gun in hand. If the door gets kicked in I hope for my sake it's not a no-knock warrant at the wrong address.

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    Usually yes, fiancé thinks I'm nuts and "paranoid nutcase" but when ever we go out its "you got your gun?" so I guess she sees the need for it!

  9. As others have said you are not alone or paranoid. When I decided to carry a pistol I also set carrying as my default mode. If I'm wearing pants I'm carrying. I find it better to carry all the time and decide case by case if I want to leave it off. I figure if you only carry to certain places then probably shouldn't be going to those places.

  10. Not usually. Firearms are strategically hidden throughout this house. Doesnt matter where they come in.

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    I always carry at home. You have to be ready at all times. That's what I teach in my classes.

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