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Thread: Do You Carry While At Home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyarmijo68 View Post
    Yes, I carry while at home. My wife thought I was weird till a home invasion happened a few miles away from us, now she likes it. My weapon is on my hip til bedtime. So you are not a rare person. Carry on my friend

    This pretty much sums it up.

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    I almost always carry at home, and almost always concealed so I won't forget to conceal it when I go to the store or someone comes to the door.

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    I keep a pistol in living room, bathroom, kitchen bedroom. Wife keeps her's in her sewing room...
    Once I'm home I don't carry, but I have one within reach 95% of the time.

    When I take the dog out into the back yard, I take the weapon I have in the living room with me...Yard has a 6 foot privacy fence to keep kids out of the pool....One night around 2am the dogs wanted to go out, and we surprised the neighbors' son and his girlfriend in our pool!
    From the sight of thing's clothing "swim suite" was not optional for them....For some reason, some reason they were really embarrassed, and the dogs would not let them out of the water...He was one week away from Iraq deployment, so I told him to enjoy the swim but to please be quite so he did not wake my wife. I never told his Dad or my Wife!

    Some may say what you're afraid or...My response "Nothing"

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    When I take the dogs out to wet the lawn at night I take a handgun with me. We have several kinds of four legged predators besides the two legged kind.

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    I carry at home for two reasons. 1st, just in case a bad guy wanders back into the woods far enough to find us and 2nd to be very comfortable with my rig. The more I carry the more comfortable I am carrying in public.

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    Only when I'm awake.

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    Always at all times
    NRA trainer
    Holster Maker

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    Its called 'preparation' not paranoia

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    Seems like a common thread... Yes I carry at home, in the car, at the store... There are 2 places I don't carry and that is the Post Office if I must go there and my office as the company I work for has a no carry policy.

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    Of course I carry at home. All the time I'm awake except when I'm in the shower, and even then it is within reach. I regard home as the most likely place to need a gun. I'm in one of the target victim groups, elderly, retired, living in the country, and I'm home a lot. My carry permit is part of my plan to be as bad a choice of victim as I can if some one decides to invade.


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