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Thread: serious ccw question

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    No when they contacted the PD they said why are you calling us he has a permit right? She said yes and they said ok, so why is there an issue? Police here are all for carry and believe its a good front so to have someone who need I remind you was to eat and play pool no issues there

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    No problem with the police, correct? This whole post is because you got your feelings hurt?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
    No problem with the police, correct? This whole post is because you got your feelings hurt?
    If you figure it out please let me know. Sounds like a troll to me.

    Let me ask you a question

    No that's not the right answer
    No that's not the right answer
    No that's not the right answer

    Im done...

    OP why dont you just type out what you want us to say so I can type it you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside and this lousy thread can die?

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    "That is really not your business" is the phrase you want to practice. What were you thinking. You knew the girl didn't like you and yet you gave her ammunition. Bad move.
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    Next time somebody asks you if you are carrying, politely explain to them how guns are evil and you would never, ever touch one because you do not like violence and the Brady bunch told you so.

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    Is that a gun in your pocket? NO i'm EXCITED to see you! Pass the ketchup!

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    Ok people, I guess from now on I'll lie to every living individual on this earth, this was a scenario I faced and wanted some sort of insight or back up, I'm not the type to lie let alone should I if it's legal, I don't care what she thinks of me but to react in that manner is uncalled for... 1 I'm soon to be law enforcement and work side by side with officers on a daily basis, I know my laws and to have an issue with someone who knows nothing of the topic, why bring it up, she contacted police because she was unfamiliar with the law. Do not call me a troll I am not, this post was just for some information, at no point in time was it about my response to her. Thank you for the answers I do appreciate them

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    It sounds more like a serious open carry question.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by xdmowner615 View Post
    My question is was the worker and girl out of line for their actions, since 1 she had to ask me if I had my gun, and 2 am I legally obligated to tell the worker that I am carrying? Any insight would be greatly appreciated
    She was out of line, you were not legally obligated to tell anyone there that you were carrying.

    Can't we all agree on that, hug and make up now?

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    Sounds good to me

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