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Thread: serious ccw question

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    I'm wondering, if there is so much bad blood between you and that woman; why do you even bother to talk to her. People like that need to be ignored she was obviously looking to irritate you, and she succeeded.

    Love the quip "are you pregnant" ;). You might use that next time, and say nothing else if she asks if you are carrying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by navylcdr View Post
    she was out of line, you were not legally obligated to tell anyone there that you were carrying.

    Can't we all agree on that, hug and make up now?


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    Not yet. I still want to say- tell her "no, and if I were carrying that,would be none of your business. Now go and get me another beer."

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    My .02

    You state it's legel to carry in this place, the female need not know, and you also say there is no sign saying " no carrry " so employee need not know ! You say you are going to be a law-man I can guess you are learning local law codes in preporation for this ? so why as on this site due to differant state gun zone laws

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    So this is a serious question and, therefore, deserves a very serious answer. I read a thread that sounds like it is written by an immature individual, with comments like "I ran into a girl who does not like me"--cmom now--this is head shaking to say the least. As said above and many times before, it is no one's business whether you have a CCWP or whether you are CC. Why does this "girl who does not like me" even know about your CC status? Very sad thread that I expect to hear in grade school.

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    The reason the girl knows about the cc is through a friend who also carries, yeah dumb move on his part, I was not expecting to run into her, I had only met her one time before. From that one time she hated me, who knows how that one works... Still confuses me. I agree the worker should not need to know, only reason he knew about it in the first place was the girls big mouth. I asked officers if I reacted in a bad manner or if I could've responded differently and they told me no, I was truthful and was law abiding and said to let it go, since it wasn't illegal I was fine. I will not be visiting that place again if they want to restrict my carry rights!

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    Conceal carry is conceal carry. No one needs to know. Except for law enforcement. (Depending on which state your in)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerw View Post
    Conceal carry is conceal carry. No one needs to know. Except for law enforcement. (Depending on which state your in)
    After Ohio's incident, better let a LEO know anyways lol
    Sic vis pacem, para bellum

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    I'll go you one better, You state the girl doesn't like you... so ignore anything and everything she says. Don't interact with her. Don't converse with her. Especially don't answer a baited question. Conceal it and be quiet.

    The property owner or anyone left in charge may have the right to ask. Perhaps there is a no-firearms policy and the employees are required to enforce it. The property owner generally has no requirement to post each and every policy in writing. In fact he can make them up as he goes along. In some states the policy could carry the weight of the law. WHen the property owner or his designee says "no carry" any person refusing to abide may be charged with criminal trespass. The rights of a property owner trump our second amendment rights.

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    You have no obligation to tell the employees, that's the point of concealed carry

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