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  1. Carry Pistol Barrel Change

    I thought I would solicit some advice on replacing the barrel on my Glock 19 with a KKM brand rather than a stock factory part.

    I have always kept my carry pistol dead stock to help fend off any attorney who might try to make me out as a "gun nut" in court. In addition, my choice of ammo coincides with what law enforcement, including the FBI is currently using...for the same reason that I stated above.

    My reason for considering the KKM barrel is being able to shoot non-jacketed or plated ammo at the range. I reason that the pistol's function is unchanged with this barrel and if the hype is to believed, one might expect more accurate shooting which seems to me to be a good thing no matter what the circumstance. I thought about buying two stock and the other a KKM but I am not crazy about the additional cost of doing that.

    So there you have it. What do you think? I am interested in hearing any opinion or philosophy on this subject.


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    If it were me, keep the stock barrel. Any changes you make can be used against you. I have a trigger job on mine, but its a ny heavier trigger.

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    Every change you make is to make the weapon safe and prevent a non bad guy from injury, improve the weapon.

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    ZZULU, changing out the barrel for practice/range shooting should not affect the firearm, as you suggest it will only be for more economical training ammo. I have a gen2 Glock 23 that shoots very well with both jacketed and non jacketed ammo, I had thought about a barrel change a while back due to the stock chamber dimensions for reloading, as the stock barrel leaves a bulge toward the head of the case, However this does not affect in anyway the performance of the barrel or the ammunition used. The great thing about Glock firearms, they will digest all types of ammo without fail. At least in the 21 years I have had this particular firearm it has been flawlessly reliable. Keep it stock and put the money towards some ammo!!

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    Plated bullets should work fine with a stock barrel. Lead bullets aren't recommended.


  7. Simple

    Use the after market barrel on the range when you're shooting lead bullets but keep the stock barrel in it for carry use or when you are running jacketed round through it on the range.

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    Like you I keep my Glocks stock. I do have a Lone Wolf 6" for my G20 for better accuracy when hunting, but it also has a scope mount and reflex red dot.
    Glock Company does not like lead and they discourage their use. Due to Glock unique rifling I think. I don't shoot lead.
    My 1911 friends shoot lead in competition, and then shoot a few copper-clad to "clean out the barrel."
    I would buy an aftermarket for lead plinking and swap out to the stock barrel and good copper-clad JHP when carrying.

  9. Thanks to all for your advice.

    I think I will carry a stock pistol and use the after-market barrel for the range. Two barrels cost less than one lawyer.

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