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    Cross dominance

    My wife is right handed but is slightly more left eye dominant. I believe this is what is causing her shot placement to be off center everytime we practice. Is there a technique or training tactic that she can try to compensate for the cross dominance or is it as simple as tilting her head and focusing the dominant eye on the front site? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Have her train and shoot with the same hand as her dominant eye. Cross eye dominance isn't a big problem with handgun shooting, however is a HUGE problem with a rifle and shotgun. As a big fan of consistency, I'm from the school that recommends that she shoot with the same hand as her dominant eye in the event that she does wish to shoot rifle or shotgun some day.

    As an instructor, I've trained myself to shoot with either hand, so I'm sure with a little practice and work, your wife can do the same.
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    Thanks Glock Fan, she has tried to shoot left handed and, at this point, is not doing very well with it. But, we will keep practicing.

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    I used to hunt with an eye patch, I still have the problem but just got better with practice on closing eye, and learning to look through a scope without having to close all the way. If I aim at a deer now it better say goodbye.

    But with handgun just move the gun over to line up, and practice. try bending the other elbow.
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  6. I have shot the same way for 30+ years. Just a slight turn of the head to the right align the left eye to with
    the sights should be fine with practice.

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    I have equal eye dominance (guess that is not dominance but don't know what else to call it) and have learned to just close one eye while shooting (not sure that is the best way but its the only way I know how to do it).

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    My wife is cross-eye- dominant also, she is right handed but must aim with her left eye. We both took the "First Shots" class and they taught her to rest her head on her right shoulder and close her right eye. I'm sure this technique would take a lot of practice to get used to as your sight picture must be canted quite a bit. Hope this helps!

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    My wife is also cross eye dominant. Thank you for the conversation. It helps give me some ideas.

  10. Easy cure is sucking right cheek down onto right bicep at full extension. Keeps all other ergonomincs consistent with what her body is going to do naturally. This will align her dominant eye with sight picture (if even needed) and maintain congruency with centerline of head with centerline of firearm. In a critical incident she wont have tape over one eye, & will naturally go to dominat hand. Work with what her body is going to do naturally and solve the problem with instinct.

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    I am a left eye dominant right handed shooter. I never knew this was a problem. I instinctively line up my sight picture with my left eye while shooting right handed. Shoothouse said it all when he said work with what comes natural. IMHO this is much better than trying to learn something that feels awkward and thus compounding the problem.

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