Opinions on pocket carry of Sig P238
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Thread: Opinions on pocket carry of Sig P238

  1. Red face Opinions on pocket carry of Sig P238

    I've been looking at getting a small 380 pocket carry pistol and would like some opinions of those that own them. I've gone to the gun shops and handled several different ones. I originally was leaning towards the S&W bodyguard until I handled one. Way too small of a grip for me just wasn't comfortable with it same way with the LCP. Then I handled the Sig P238 and love the feel of this gun. My only concern is how safe are these guns in condition one in a pocket holster? Anyone out there have first hand knowledge of carrying one oof these in a billfold style back pocket holster and how safe thy would be? What brand of holster to use?

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    P 238

    I have a sig p238. the only thing I don't like is its a single action gun. for the first shot you will have to pull hammer back. or you can pull hammer back and leave safety on. its a really nice gun to shoot. its my choice for the summer months. I have had no misfires no malfunctions. real reliable gun. easy to clean.

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    O ya mine came with a belt clip holster. Just leave **** untucked

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    I love my P238 I conceal it inside and outside the waist band and sometimes carry it on my ankle as a back up weapon. However personally I do not feel comfortable with any gun in my pocket. Also note I dumped my LCP380 for the Sig and have no regrets.

  6. It's a really nice gun. If you want a dao however I suggest the Taurus TCP. Mines been flawless, comes with 2 mags and a cell type carry case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotillion View Post
    It's a really nice gun. If you want a dao however I suggest the Taurus TCP. Mines been flawless, comes with 2 mags and a cell type carry case.

    ^^^^ agreed !!!

  8. I live in Florida and it is by far my favorite hot weather carry. It has been 100% reliable and has amazing accuracy considering its size. I love the SA trigger and the very good safety that allows me to carry it in my front pocket with zero worries. Dennis

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    I have the Colt Mustang which was the original that SIG copied. It is very safe in condition one. There are actually two safeties. One is the thumb safety, the other is the trigger safety. The trigger has to be pulled for the firing pin to hit the cartridge. When I carry in the pocket, I use a Galco pocket holter made for this gun. It covers the trigger and thumb safety in the pocket, and the holster stays in the pocket if you have to draw.
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    I carry the Taurus 738 in my hip pocket using a 1/4" piece of leather between gun and pocket to prevent printing, as I always tuck my shirt in. It's perfectly safe carrying that way, due to the long trigger pull, ralatively hard trigger pull, and the piece of leather on the outside. I carry with one in the pipe and do not worry about it. However, if I had it to do over, I'd get the Ruger LCP, as I believe it's more reliable than the Tarus.

  11. Thanks for the opinions folks. I think I've pretty much narrowed it down to the P238 after finding a wallet holster on line by D.M. Bullard that coversa the trigger and safety both. I think I'd feel pretty comfortable carrying this gun in tat holster.

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