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Gotta ask, Devils advocate thing and all. You approach the vehicle to render assistance with weapon drawn and the BG has his knife to the woman's throat. You yell for him to drop it or you'll shoot. He slits her throat, you pop a round off into his head killing him. Now you have 2 dead people. Would your D.A. / prosecutor call it a clean shoot? OR would it be argued that do to your intervention 2 people are now dead. Just asking???

And ya all need to quit playing nice-nice. It's getting sicking.
The District Attorney will probably feel compelled or have an obligation to bring this hypothetical situation to a grand jury trial, which will most likely find sufficient evidence to proceed with a criminal trial. If the District Attorney doesn't want to prosecute, it doesn't mean you can't be charged later. Murder doesn't have a statute of limitations, and you would run the risk of the District Attorney changing their minds throughout your life.

This is one of the many reasons why I find everyone involved in this incident fortunate.