Which state is the easiest state to get a Concealed carry permit
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Thread: Which state is the easiest state to get a Concealed carry permit

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    Which state is the easiest state to get a Concealed carry permit

    I know this question has probally been already answered but i'll ask it anyway Which state is the easiest state to apply and receive a ccw for personal protection. I have already applied here in Utah but I was just wondering which states were the easiest outside of the commie states like CA,NY,IL and a few others Thanks in advance for your answers

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    washington state
    Washington is real easy. Just pay $55 , fill out the 1 page form, be fingerprinted, pass a background check, and your set for 5 years. The resident permit is good in 25 states.

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    Like you said, Aside from the commie states, everywhere is about the same.

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    Texas and FL and like stated above Washington state.

  6. Ohio I got approved one day

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    New Hampshire... no permit required
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dale64 View Post
    New Hampshire... no permit required

    You do need a permit to CC in NH. VT would be the easiest since they don't issue any firearms licenses of any kind. You turn 21, walk into a gun shop, give them money, and walk out with a CC handgun.....

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    VT and AK as neither one require a permit. AK offers them if you travel. NH does not require a permit to OC but once you are in your vehicle it is CCing so it must be unloaded. For NH resident its $15 fill out a form and less than two weeks you get your permit. For nonresidents its 100 for around 5 years but it tales longer.

    If you are looking for nonresident permits look at FL and Utah. After that you might have to go state by state.

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    SD - $10, short form, no prints, no photo, no training required. Temp permit in your hand in 5 working days (or less), laminated card within 30 days (usually two weeks.)

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    PA...$20...no prints, no training...they take your photo...1 page form. Many counties issued in 15ish minutes.

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