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Thread: What's your favorite carry weapon ... And why ???

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    LCP is main carry in a Sneaky Pete Holster. Light easy to carry & hide, accurate & reliable, love it. want an LC9 with a SPete too, but have several other guns including my Taurus PT 145.
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    I'm partial to my Ruger SR40c. Next is my Ruger SP101 357. I like something that has a "kick " to it.
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    sr40c all the way

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    I carry a Sig P226 .40 ....It's a Sig :)
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    What type of ankle holster are you using?
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  7. Depending on where I am going and what I am wearing, either a Kahr CW9 (7+1) on my hip, or a Sig P250C (15+1 and laser)

  8. Colt Defender - In IDPA style courses I can't seem to control my shots with the longer / double action triggers of the compact revolvers and poly-wonders. A 4-pound clean breaking single action is the only thing that works for me.

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    I carry the Ruger SR9c it's my favorite so far, also have Colt 1991-A1. Both are great!

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    1911 been carrying one 30+ years. I'm one of those guys that those other guys tells you doesn't exist.

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    Favorite carry is my S&W Sc 4-1/4 inch .45 1911 weighing only 28 oz empty, carried in a Null Vam (Vampire) easy to conceal crossdraw driving holster.

    What's your favorite carry weapon ... And why ???-hogue.jpg What's your favorite carry weapon ... And why ???-null-vam.jpg What's your favorite carry weapon ... And why ???-null-vam-concealed.jpg
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