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Thread: What's your favorite carry weapon ... And why ???

  1. Glock 19 until my S&W M&P Shield in .40 arrives in a couple weeks.

  3. Glock 36 with a Bladetech Razor

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    I'm sure it's considered a kitchen fire extinguisher in a world of fire engines here on the forums -- but I reeeeeeeally like my KelTec P32, which I carry in a wallet-style holster. It was our family's first acquisition; and at first, there was much weeping and knashing of teeth while looking for sources of .32 ammo. WalMart was my only local depot, and they hardly ever had it in stock; after a year, the local Gander Mountain started carrying 3 brands. We picked up a Bersa Thunder 22 for the kids to waste ammo on targets; but it's a mid-size frame that isn't worth carrying because .22 rounds don't make a strong enough excuse for me to try concealing it. But my next purchase will likely be a KelTec PF-9.

  5. My EDC is a Glock 27 IWB with my SW Bodyguard 380 as my BUG.

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    My favorite carry is the Ruger LCR .357 mag. Why? Because it is light and easily concealed and will pack a punch for a small package. I use CarBon .357 DPX 125 gr.

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    Only gun I own but personally have looked into stuff and taken advice from a lot of people... Ruger Lcp for me
    I also have a LCP, it's light (doesn't drag my pants down), fits my pocket, easily concealed, I also have a 9mm & 38sp that are not easily concealed. LCP works for me.

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