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    Quote Originally Posted by defender829 View Post
    Yeah, "We don't want no Wyatt Earp like you, pertectin' hisself".
    In Texas, if you unintentionally shoot yerself, you can't bring your firearm to the hospital to protect yerself from people who might shoot you again.

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    and how many of us ALWAYS obey the speed limit sign?

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  4. I live in Missouri, so it's just a trespassing charge if you get asked to leave and you refuse. I carry everywhere I go. I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Salar Esfahani View Post
    They also don't realize that you can still legally carry if they have one of those signs up. Just if you get catch they can ask you to leave and if you don't your then trespassing....
    I used to think that about Indiana, then I looked up the law again. In Indiana, if the sign is posted and you ignore it and enter anyway, you've already committed trespass. No need to wait until they tell you to leave and ignore them for that to be true.
    In the state of Indiana only of you do not leave when asked can you be arrested for trespassing.

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    I just don't go to places that do not accept me for who I am. I quit arguing with idiots a long time ago. My stress level is much better and I don't support Knuckleheads R us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynical View Post
    Say you're in a bank that's getting held up. Do you draw and attempt to put the baddie down?
    My CC instructor told a story of an armed and experienced FBI Agent who was standing in line at the bank waiting his turn to do a transaction, when a baddie came in to rob the place. There were several customers in the bank as well as employees. The robber got away with some loot without hurting anybody. When the Police came and interviewed witnesses including the FBI agent, the cops asked the agent why he did not draw his weapon to try and stop the robbery? The agent responded by saying that it was too risky...innocent people could have been hurt or killed.

  8. Many differing opinions on this subject

    I am a business owner in WI and I have chosen to not post any signs related to CCW. When the CCW in WI first passed many businesses here were not sure what to do. I spoke to our legal counsel and they did not have a firm position on this. The response was that until there is some case in the state it would be hard to know what the precidence would be. I've heard the story that if you post a no CCW sign at your business and someone came into your business and were harmed by another patron that they could sue the business for not allowing them to carry and protect themselves. I learned that this is not the case. That person made their own decision to disarm themselves and enter the business so they did it by choice. On the other hand if you have a no CCW sign on your business and an employee gets harmed by another person they can sue you because they have to be able to sustain a living and you forced them to disarm themselves when entering the workplace.

    Personally I think the No CCW signs are a joke. I don't believe one has every stopped a would be crook from doing what they intended. If I see a no CCW sign I just won't support that business. I won't leave my gun in the car for a would be thief to break into the car to try and steal. I have a gun vault in my car but it would still be a pain if someone broke into the car. I usually will call the business later and tell them I would like to patronize their business but won't do so while that sign is in place. It usually leads to an interesting discussion and I would say that 75% of the time by the time we are done talking the business decides to take down the sign. I actually found one business that was the total opposite. They had several signs around stating that patrons that showed their CCW permit got a 5% discount. This was a 24 hr gas station / convenience store that was in a sketchy area. I was curious so I called them later and spoke with the Mgr. He stated that they used to have several robbery attempts and that since they had put up the signs there had been a notable reduction.

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    Here in Reno, NV. I open carry into my bank all the time and have never had a problem. US Bank btw. Not so much as an awkward look from any teller or customer, even when I walked into branches I've never been into before.

    I'm torn about openly carrying into the IHOP in Carson city that had the nutjob that cut loose and killed a bunch of people. My father used to sell pancake mix and really despised IHOP because all they were concerned with was cheap pricing over quality, so as a matter of family, we've boycotted IHOP for a LONG time. I continued the tradition after his death in '93, just cause he was such a great guy. Somehow, I don't think he'd mind if I broke with tradition to show my support for a business that has suffered such a tragedy. However, I don't want to do it to make a political statement, rather to say that this gun carrying, law abiding citizen supports THEM. Agreed, I can do that without coming in with my gun, visible, but I would want them to know that I'm not a threat, even though I'm armed. I suppose that could be construed as 'political', but wouldn't be my purpose.

    Let's not start an OC vs CC debate here though. It's been beat to death and it's seriously off topic.

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    I wonder how many "I won't eat in a restaurant that won't let me carry my weapon to protect myself from harm" people end up sitting in the smoking section of restaurants that do let them carry their weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    I wonder how many "I won't eat in a restaurant that won't let me carry my weapon to protect myself from harm" people end up sitting in the smoking section of restaurants that do let them carry their weapon.
    Where the hell do smoking sections still exist? Haven't seen one since I was a kid!

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