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    Quote Originally Posted by Playthru View Post
    I would feel the same way in my house or my business it is my right to controll what is allowed.I have rights and they have rights.You can choose to go into the business or not no big deal to me either way and if you are concealed properly no one should ever know and if they ask me to leave it is there right not mine to decide if they own the business.The Brady reference please all I can do is laugh and I have never supported the Brady bill.The NRA is in St.louis this week and having there convention in the civic center that does not allow open carry or concealed carry.
    I attended the NRA Convention on Friday for about 5 hours. I never saw a "No Guns Allowed" sign and carried concealed the entire time I was there without an issue. I walked in the main entrance right past the Friends of NRA truck and did not see a sign posted anywhere within my line of sight, and I was looking for one!

  3. It does not have to be posted mo or St.Louis has a law about stadiums and venues with x amount of people attending.Even if you are caught all they could do is ask you to leave and comeback without the weapon and if you refuse they can call the police and it is a $100 I posted if it is concealed properly no one will know.

  4. Just one thing to do.....seems like those signs have a slash through a Beretta..What if we all carried Kimbers?

  5. Not sure what you've been taught, but I was taught/instructed in my ccw class that I only draw my weapon when I fear imminent danger to my or my family's lives.

    Quite frankly I do not care about your staff, I care about me and my own.

    I just do all my bank transactions through the drive thru where I can protect myself if needed.

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    It could be worse. My dialysis clinic is posted, and I have to go three times a week to keep myself alive. At least with a store or restaurant, you have a choice. My choice has been taken from me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goalie35 View Post
    It could be worse. My dialysis clinic is posted, and I have to go three times a week to keep myself alive. At least with a store or restaurant, you have a choice. My choice has been taken from me.
    Do you live in a state where the signs hold force of law?

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  8. In Washington State if you refuse to leave after being asked it is trespass but in Seattle ignore a sign and the SWAT team responds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salar Esfahani View Post
    . They also don't realize that you can still legally carry if they have one of those signs up. Just if you get catch they can ask you to leave and if you don't your then trespassing....
    not quite true, in some states ignoring those signs will get you into a heap of legal trouble
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tminus5 View Post
    I work at a casino. They just put up those 'no guns allowed' signs on all doors, including the employee entrance. Now, working in the department I do, I get threats of harm, and people meeting me out in the parking lot when I'm done with work. I am a 5'0" woman, who could get blown down by a stiff wind. I was looking forward to being able to carry protection... now, with those signs, I'm trying to figure out how I can still protect myself, without losing my job.
    Get a top grade pepper spray. I use UDAP in Alaska for brown (grizzly) bears. I think it would knock a human flat on their butt. They make smaller canisters for joggers etc. I'm sure several other brands would work as well, I'm just familiar with the bear stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cawpin View Post
    Hold your horses, you can't make that blanket statement. The legal weight of signs posted varies WIDELY state to state. Some serve a your legal trespass warning, some don't.

    Also, I'd find a different bank.
    Very true. Here in Kentucky these signs have no force of law so I, and most other CCers I know, simply ignore them.

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