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Thread: Who Carries A Full Size Handgun Concealed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post
    Does a 4" XD40 count? Crossbreed Supertuck. No extra mags.
    Same for me. Sometimes with untucked shirt, sometimes shirt tucked over the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WinstonSmith View Post
    Glock G17 Appendix IWB, except when in more unfriendly places, then it's a G26.
    I'm the same but with a G22 and a G27. Good man!! Lol

  4. I carry my Wilson Combat tactical elite year round. Depending on what I'm wearing I either use a Galco summer comfort or Miami classic II. An I always carry a spare mag and knife.

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    Glock 17 or Glock 19, IWB Crossbreed Super Tuck, vest for cover, gun belt to carry weight, suspenders because my hip bones are well padded and modesty suggests this precaution.
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  6. I am a very large guy so I can get buy with a big gun. I carry my 24/7 Tactical 12+1 .45 on my strong side in a Crossbreed Supertuck and 2 spare mags in a Fobus holster on my weak side.

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    Hi all......new here, 2nd post and love this site so far!
    Anyways, I carry an XDm in a Crossbreeds holster. No extra mags--I figure if I need more than 19-----I'm in a lot of trouble.I do have an extra mag in vehicle---just not on my person.
    I am planning on getting a smaller weapon for easier carry esp. in summer months.....too many options..not enought $$!

  8. I carry a springfield xd 45 . shoulder holster normally with 2 extra clips. or pancake with a clip in my pocket . Am going to be picking up the new xds 45 as soon as my dealer gets it in. less rounds but with a 45 w/ hollow points don't really need more lol

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    I carry an M&P 45FS in a UBG IWB holster after dark, M&P 40c IWB during the day.

  10. 1911 IWB, strongside, on or just forward of the hip; two spare mags, weakside hip.

    Wasn't able to wear it forward of the hip until I lost a lot of the weight I put on coming out of the Navy, but I prefer it now that I can; feels less exposed, vulnerable somehow. Just the slightest advantage in control, those times I'm not able to sit my back to a wall.

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    Sometimes I will carry a full size Taurus 24/7 Pro .45, with two spare mags.

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