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Thread: Who Carries A Full Size Handgun Concealed?

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    I used to wear my Sig 1911 only during the winter, but am starting to carry it all the time now, partly because I don't care if it prints or not (under reasonable circumstances here in ɐpıɹolℲ ;) ). The only drawback I see to a full size is the additional draw time or switching up to it from a 3". If you have only carried a full 5" you wouldn't notice a difference, but I find myself fumbling the draw occasionally now that I have about 3 more inches on the total length.
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  3. I carry a Loaded Springfield Stainless 1911 with black flame Crimson Trace Laser Grips, two spare mags, and a Surefire E1B flashlight. I carry the gun in a Blackhawk Serpa on my strong side hip. The mags are in a Blackhawk double magazine paddle holster. The flashlight is in a Blackhawk light carrier on my belt. Cover it all up with a 5.11 Covert Casual shirt or a Hawaiian shirt in the summer and a long sleeved Woolrich flannel shirt in the winter. If I need to go tucked in, I slide it in my pants with a Remora and wear a polo tucked in Kidney carry.

  4. I carry my sig .40 226 its big I just put my shirt over it in my holster I don't care if people think they see a gun or not as long as I have my shirt over it I'm fine.

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    Springfield loaded rt side 3 o'clock XD-9 sub compact lft side 9 o'clock extra mags in travel bag, along with AK underfolder

  6. I carry a Springfield xd 40 with Blackhawk holster open carry everywhere.

  7. Para GI Expert in a Crossbreed Supertuck or Galco N3. One spare mag on the belt.

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    In the Winter I carry my M&P40fs. I wouldn't carry a full size in the summer. I spot peoples CCW all the time that "think" their concealing when there not. Standing straight up is one thing, moving, bending, sitting and twisting are another story with a full size gun and a thin t-shirt. Some people pull it off, but many don't.

  9. Beretta PX4 Compact, IWB holster.

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    H&K P30 in .40 S&W carried on the small of my back. It hides relatively well with a shirt over it.
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    wondering if a browning bda 380 in a kingtuck ibw would work for me being the only gun i own and yet to get certified and holstered up?
    first day on the forums here as i am looking to get ccw and have alot of home work to do so i come here for some imput
    thanks to all

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