Another question on concealed carry and public transportation employees
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Thread: Another question on concealed carry and public transportation employees

  1. Another question on concealed carry and public transportation employees

    I got some helpful information on my last post on public transportation and concealed carry, so I thought I would try again. I live in Illinois. Cook County to be specific and we have two CCW bills and it looks like one of them stands a good chance of passing. Personally, I can't wait, but it does raise some issues for us at work. The law if passed as written has clear language in it that we can't restrict anyone from accessing public transportation because they are carrying concealed. It also clearly states that we can't tell employees that they can't have weapons in their cars in our parking lot.

    What is not clear is the issue of the employee carrying concealed while on duty. There is no language in the bill as it is written that addresses this. Our preference is to keep silent on the part about passengers carrying concealed legally and just abide by the law. Our other preference is to stand by our long past practice that employees can't have weapons when working. I know some of you are probably cringing on that a bit, but it simply is a matter of financial responsibility and the numerous lawsuits we could possibly be opening ourselves to in the event someone in our employ should make a bad decision.

    What I am looking for specifically is if you work in public transportation or if you have knowledge of how the public transportation in your town handles this issue if your state has CCW.

    As always I appreciate any information and help you can provide.

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    Can't carry on buses(public transportation) in Missouri without permission. Who can give that permission is not clear. Is it the bus driver? The CEO of City Utilities? Even my Representative was not sure when I spoke with her about it. This is all part of an Anti-Terrorism law, like the terrorist is really going to care!! Personally I find it to be Unconstitutional & in need of being repealed immediately!
    I think it's time to write another letter to all my State & Federal "employees" & tell them to get to work repealing this unjust, unconstitutional farce of a law.
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    My opinion (and I'm NOT a lawyer)...

    If you have a carry permit, it generally means that you can carry anywhere in the state - UNLESS that place is prohibited by state or Federal law.

    If you are not a prohibited person by state or Federal law...
    If you have the proper permit where required by state law...
    If there is not a state or Federal law prohibiting you from carrying in a particular location...
    And if there is nothing in your employment contract that prohibits it...
    And if there is nothing in the transit authority policies and procedures manual that prohibits it...
    And if there is nothing in some other governing laws/rules/regulations I'm not thinking of that prohibits it....

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    You are in IL get CCW passed first. Worry later

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