Does anyone have experience with "belly band" type holsters?
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Thread: Does anyone have experience with "belly band" type holsters?

  1. Does anyone have experience with "belly band" type holsters?

    I am looking for something to carry a Ruger LCR IWB for many hours while hiking and carrying a pack.

    Also, if you know of a good thread that covers/compares the various "super-tuck" versions, can you point me at it?

    Thoughts appreciated.

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    I've got one, that I don't ever use anymore. Cool idea, but re-holstering is a royal pain.

    I wouldn't buy another.

    There's several video reviews of the supertuck holsters on youtube. I plan on buying one for my next pistol.


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    I don't have experience with a 'belly band' like you asked, but a Smartcarry is a good way to do what you described... especially for a small LCP.

    SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters

  5. I just ordered a fobus padded holster on amazon for 22$ for my lcp... Look on there... I have a uncle mikes pocket holster .. And a de saints leather belt holster honestly the belt idea is way more comfortable

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    ... if you're referring to the elastic-based belly gun holders.... not the best idea imho when you plan to be out least in hot weather.....

    the sweat factor is something you might want to consider.... my belly-bander got really uncomfortable once I got heated up...I used it once (about 4.5hours) and really hated that thing absorbing the sweat ...

    a small gun like the lcp or anything like it may be better in a good pocket holster (my absolute favorite) or iwb ...

    there are some interesting holsters to see at Alabama Holster Co ... Alabama Holster Company - Concealment Products That "Just Plain Work" ...they do a real nice job on kydex holsters that do NOT absorb ... they make pocket types, iwb, owb, paddles, and others

    good luck with your decision...

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    I wore a belly band type holster for the first few years when I worked with the Feds. They suck big time!

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    I have one of these for my LCP, it works well, there are certainly draw backs as pointed out, but it's an easier way to carry while doing outdoor activities. You can email them and they'll give you a good idea as to which size to get for the LC9.... Home Page

  9. In the pocket is for when I don't have a belt on... On the belt is the best but go to a gun shop and have them let you test some of them that have packaging you can put back...

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    This elastic band shoulder holster works very well for concealment of even a Glock G26... however... it shares the same problem all elastic band holsters have... if worn against the skin it absorbs sweat and becomes very uncomfortable.

    But... it works for me in certain situations.

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