Redundant Handgun Purchase or Trade for CCW?
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Thread: Redundant Handgun Purchase or Trade for CCW?

  1. Redundant Handgun Purchase or Trade for CCW?

    After a recent trip to Dallas and getting into a questionable area of town, I was thinking about carrying something a little more capable than what I had. When I was down there I took my Taurus TCP and my S&W 642. I have a XD Subcompact 40 also and am considering carrying it. However, it seems so heavy and bulky. I was considering trading for a CW9. I really don't want to give up my XD for one but what I'm questioning is if the CW9 is too close to the same thing or filling the same role as the TCP and 642. I'm not sure if it would qualify as a lightweight replacement for the XD and I also have questions about it reliability which I don't have with the XD. If I really had a SHTF situation at home in the country, I'm thinking the XD would be a lot better than the CW9 and if it's basically fills the same role equally as the other 2, is it worth the money? I hope that I haven't made this question to confusing.

    I did try carrying the XD this weekend with my Comptac Minotaur but it was so much more noticeable and heavy than when carrying the 642 in a Remora IWB.

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    I have carried the xd subcompact. After a day IWB at about 3-330 on side with a snug belt u will get use to it easily I'm not a big guy only 5'6" 175 at 3:30 it was comfortable. I now carry a Glock 27 wich is a subcompact 40. I love this gun more than any I have ever owned or shot. If your looking for something in a thinner frame the Kahr is a very nice gun. It runs about $600 brand new I believe. Sorry I can't help with the CW9. But deffinetly go with something to protect you! I wouldn't carry anything smaller than a 9 I prefer 40 myself. Good luck to ya. And plz post what ur decision was

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    I carry a cw9 and have for years, I regularly practice with it and it is extremely dependable, I have encountered minumal misfeeds (3 in 4k rnds) with PD ammo the 9mm will stop a gorilla if you hit your marks. It is ultra light and ultra thin, easy to conceal anywhere you may carry it on you. Cant speak as to its comparison to a taurus, but it is probably equal.

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    I've carried a 9mm for years and it will do the job. If I were going to carry anything larger I'd just go ahead and carry my .45 ACP. You can feel safe with the XD .40, though I don't find the .40 as accurate as either the 9mm or .45 ACP. It might just be something with me but I just don't get the groups I'm used to with any other handgun round and I have shot most cal's if not all. If you do go to a smaller size pistol be sure it's big enough to get hold of and control when your heart is racing and your hands are shaking! It's not nearly as easy as it would seem to access, draw and acquire your target when you are full of adrenaline! In a time like this you don't want to have to fumble for something so small you can't get a good hold on it. I have considered a smaller frame pistol for Summer carry but stick with a full size/power pistol but that's just a personal preference for me. The good thing is that there are a lot of great compacts out there, but be careful and look at their stats because some aren't that much smaller than the medium sized pistols like my Sig P-229. Good Luck!

  6. We'll I've been thinking that I would get used to it. It didn't happen this weekend but what I'm being told on another forum is that I really have to have a gun belt or similiar to make it ride comfortable.

  7. If I were not comfortable with 5-6 shots of the lesser cartridges, I'd immediately start carrying the XD subcompact. Then, I might check out a slimmer. lighter weight option in 9mm.
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    I've found getting used to carrying a medium frame such as my Sig P-229, Ruger SR-9, Glock 19 or Taurus 24/7 it is a huge matter of just getting used to carrying it with the right holster and a good gun-belt does help to support the weight. I've got smaller framed pistols but opt 95% of the time to carry one of the above mentioned because they're not too big but plenty to get a hand on with a good hold in an emergency. To me, and this is just a personal opinion, some of the smaller pistols would be hard to access, draw and get a good (correct) hold on when adrenaline is pumping through your system. On the other hand with plenty of practice you can be sufficient with any size as long as you're willing to put the time in and to get the right holster for smaller frame carry. I hold with the saying "I'd rather have a .22 than the .45 I left at home" In other words it's better to have a pistol you'll carry than one you find uncomfortable and don't carry. I always instructed my students to carry all of the time, where legally allowed. Sometimes carry will get you in trouble. It's my opinion if you're going to carry carry all of the time except where it's not legal.
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    I carry my XD45 with a Smart Carry holster. I'm a big guy and this is a very comfortable set up for me. I wouldn't trade my 45 for any of the smaller caliber guns ... hopefully I'll never need it but if I do I have the confidence that it will place the bullets where i want them to go.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    If I were not comfortable with 5-6 shots of the lesser cartridges, I'd immediately start carrying the XD subcompact. Then, I might check out a slimmer. lighter weight option in 9mm.
    I think most of the time I am comfortable or was when thinking about some situation like some punk asking for my wallet. It's times like getting stuck in a rough area of Dallas or one of these situations where u have a heavily armed shooter whose goal is to kill as many innocents as possible that's making me second guess. I was reading about a cop Jim Cirilio I believe that did pretty good with a snubby though so maybe I just need to really practice with what I have that is easily carried. It's a tough balancing act.

  11. I have been carrying a CW9 for sometime now. I can carry either IWB, OWB or ankle and it is comfortable all day. I am actually thinking of buying a second one and carrying both.
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