Florida/Utah Non-residential reciprocity
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Thread: Florida/Utah Non-residential reciprocity

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    Question Florida/Utah Non-residential reciprocity

    I'm new here and just received my Utah non-resident CCW. I also travel a lot to Florida from Maryland, but the Utah permit is not recognized in Florida for non Utah residents and visa-versa. Anyone know the answer as to why? I'm in the process now of getting my paperwork ready to submit for the additional Florida permit. Thanks.

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    Florida ONLY accepts residential licenses from the states it has reciprocity with. The purpose of a State issuing a license to carry to a non resident is to allow that non resident to carry in that State.

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    That makes sence. Thanks!

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    Utah accepts the non resident Florida license. Florida does NOT accept utahs none resident license.

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    Utah accepts CC license/permits from any state. Florida OTOH like a few other states only recognize "resident" permits issued by the state of Utah.
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