Just purchased a new taurus pt 145 millenium pro 45 whats a good holster
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Thread: Just purchased a new taurus pt 145 millenium pro 45 whats a good holster

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    Cool Just purchased a new taurus pt 145 millenium pro 45 whats a good holster

    Whats up wonder people of USA CARRY I just have a quick question I just pruchased a new Taurus PT 145 Millenium Pro 45 and I am looking for some imput on a good concealed carry holster.

    I carry a Ruger LC9 in a De Santis holster and it fits and feels great but i need some input on a concealment holster for my new Taurus PT45 Compact conceal carry 45.

    Any and all input would be appreciated.

    Thank You in advance: BOUNTY HUNTER

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    I carry mine in a Crossbreed. Check them out.

  4. Crossbreed is good. I also have an Ugly Holster sinular to the crossbreed design but a few $$ cheaper. Check them out at https://clevelandsholsters.com/. One of my favorites IWB is the Safariland Model 27. The one I found that fits my PT145 is made for the Glock 26/27. Take a look it has adjustable tension and is quite comfortable. Can't go wrong with Safariland quality.Model 27 Inside-the-Pants Holster | Safarilandô

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    I use a White Hat MaxTuck for my PT 140 Pro and it's really sweet.

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    I don't know what I have for mine but it has good retention and it was a gift from DH...go to a gun show and try different ones. Sometimes it is hard to just go by recommendations and you will end up buying a hundred of them before you find out what is most comfortable for you. Recommendations are pretty much online purchasing...just my opinion because I am the sort of person that "must touch" before I buy...even with apples and oranges at the supermarket.
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  7. old faithful holster in Fort Smith, AR

    Check out his website just google old faithful holsters he is about half the price of crossbreed and he uses thicker kydex and leather awesome holster that's actually what I use to carry my Taurus PT 145...can

  8. I live in fort smith and so I just ran to his shop and had hime mae so you would have to add shipping but I gor mine for around 50

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    My .02 on holster

    I carry about 16 hrs. daily a Glock G-22 I.w.b. no oversized britches with a product from www.versacarry.com it's a zero bulk system tell them Randy sent you please
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  10. Check out the Galco V Hawk. I carry my full size 1911 in one all day. Very comfortable.

  11. Can't go wrong with the crossbreed I have one for my Glock.

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