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    Carry INTO Illinois

    I live in Ohio. I have to drive into Illinois for a few days. I want to know what I should do with my gun during my time there. Yes, I know not to get stopped by the crooked police for any reason.
    I'd been thinking of stopping at the last rest area in Indiana, removing the slide and storing in on one side of the trunk and then cable lock the lower to the body on the other side of the trunk and cover it so it isn't readily visible.
    Or am I too paranoid ?

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    To answer your question, you will be right. You are not paranoid, just careful.
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    Better to b safe than sorry.
    If you do all that there is no prosecuter. Ever gonna be able to charge u. Disassembled like that would make it not capable of projecting a object and cable locked. Yeah ull b safe. I would think. Not positive cause I live in mi. But I would think. Lol

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    Thanks for the link. It's a shame that the communist states are able to make up their own laws. I'll be aware of the pitfalls and try not to get stopped by their gestapo.
    It's also a shame that they just don't perform that "Admiral Boorda" and save the rest of the country.
    I just don't want to be another Richard McDade and have to fight them in their expensive and crooked court system. Granted, I won't have a baggie of MJ with me but still....

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