Complicated CCW multiple state question
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Thread: Complicated CCW multiple state question

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    Complicated CCW multiple state question

    I have a really interesting and complicated question and was hoping to find out if it was legal to do what I am thinking about doing. For starters I have a resident NY CCL and a nonresident Florida and Utah CCL. We are planning on taking a trip this summer and I would like to plan things around what I am actually able to do. We are going to be flying to Florida to pick up a car and see some sights then drive to Tennessee where we want to look at some homes so that we can relocate from. After about a week between Florida and Tennessee we will be driving back to NY. My question is with my Florida non resident permit could I purchase a handgun in that state or anywhere in the area and carry it back to the PA and NY border where I can go to a FFL and turn in the pistol where he/she can send it to my local gun shop and then it can be placed on my NY permit. I don't want to take a handgun on the flight because most of them go through NYC and it is a real hassle at the area airports also. Anyone have any thoughts or advice? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    you can buy the gun in florida but the store must ship it to ny dealer then there u will do extra paper work and pay the ny dealer the transfer fee

  4. simple answer NO!

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    then u must take the bill of sales to the towns permit office and wait about a week for the judge to sign off on it . then they will add the gun to your permit . then u can carry it in nys

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    just remember u can buy a gun any were but u just cant take it with u .
    the store u buy it from must ship it to a ffl dealer in ur home state.

    thats nys not sure of other states

    hope it helps ur ?

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    I'm not worried about carrying it in NYS because that will be transferred from a dealer in PA to a local one in NY then I will do all the paperwork. I will not be bringing the pistol into NY at all. I was just wondering about purchasing a handgun in Florida and having it with me to drive back over the course of two weeks while the wife and I are driving a new car back from Florida. All the states we are planning to go through recognize either my Florida or Utah CCL. I am just unsure about being able to purchase a handgun in Florida with a non resident permit. It will be turned into an FFL in northern PA before I get to NY and they will send it to my local FFL shop. I am planning on asking one of the local gunsmiths about the transfer and if they would recommend anyone around the border. Or even at the right price sell it to a gun shop in PA and not have to worry about the NY hassle at all. Just worried about driving with the wife around in a new car in areas that I have never been. If I had the time I would rent a car and drive down just to carry my own but would rather spend the extra time sightseeing on the way back.

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    Is the no because where ever I purchase the handgun will have to ship it to a local shop in NY even though I am in a state that issued me a non resident CCL?

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    Not to sure sorry can't help. In Michigan we just walk in show our permits buy the gun holster it walk out. We then have 10 days to drop the registration off at the county sherriff records department. After 30 days we no longer have to carry the registration on person.

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    Too much hassle. Just wait till you move. Buy it then. Walk in walk out. Shooting range. Life is good. America still exist in some places.

    From PA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew14559 View Post
    Is the no because where ever I purchase the handgun will have to ship it to a local shop in NY even though I am in a state that issued me a non resident CCL?
    Now you've got it. The federal law requires the weapon(s) you purchase be shipped to an FFL holder in your state of residence. The carry permits issued to you are irrelevant in this scenario as they do not make you a resident of those states.
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