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    Vehicle carry

    I've been looking for a way to carry a hand gun in a vehicle holster. I've found some crazy ideas that people have come up with. I've heard nothing but problems out there with the ones that mount under the steering column, because its not a clean draw. You are always hitting you had on something getting it out. The ones that bolt to your dash don't look like there is enough clearance between the postol grip and the dash to get a clean grip on the hand gun. I have seen ones that sit at the front of the seat and hang there. The problem is I don't want to sit on the strap and clip that wraps around the seat to hold up the firearm. What else is out there? Any ideas or does anyone know of anyone that makes good vehicle holsters

  3. The best way is right in your lap seriously where your able to draw it easy

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    I use the safe packer holster from Tactical Gear, Tactical Equipment, Duty Belts, Slings, USA. They also have great instructor gun belts.

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    Take the Gum Creek under-the-dash holster and mount it to your center console by your right knee. You get a clean draw and it's out of the way. Plus, it sits low enough to be mostly hidden from most angles. I've been pulled over by Troopers and had them looking in the passenger side window and never saw it.

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    I use my IWB holster and just clip it to the seat belt after I have secured the belt. It sits in almost perfect position for a right hand draw, doesn't bounce nor unstable, has the same clearance, if not better, than if you were still wearing it.

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    If my holstered gun will make for an uncomfortable drive, I just lay it on the passenger seat where it is readily accessible.

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    i bought a $5 air pistol holster from WallyWorld and attached it to the center console .. i slip in there when i am going for long rides .. holds just about any gun ..


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    If I'm going to spend most of my day in a vehicle, I carry my weapon in a Galco Miami Classic shoulder rig.
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  10. Somewhere on your person where you can easily access it. I wear mine in my normal carry position with a slight adjustment due to the sitting position. Its also where you are best trained to reach. I'm a lefty so the console does not get in the way.

  11. For long trips I use a Galco Ankle Glove for my Kahr CW(, so comfortable you will not even know you are wearing it, and as you are seat it is a perfect location to get at easily
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