CCW 9mm
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Thread: CCW 9mm

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    CCW 9mm

    I am looking to carry a 9mm for CCW - I am looking for your feedback. Any thoughts?

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    One of my carry weapons is a Springfield Armory Compact 3.8 chambered for 9x19. It is very well made, accurate, and the ability to make it virtually a full size pistol, with increased capacity, by simply changing the magazine is a big plus in my view. I recommend it without reservations.
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    I have an XDm 9 mm compact. Great gun. Comes with 2 sizes of magazines, 1 that holds 13 rds and another that holds 19 rds. The 19 rd has an extension that makes the grip a full size, also comes with 3 back straps for the grip to fit Your hands ( the magazine extension for 19 rd also comes in 3 sizes to match back strap).

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    how about pf9 from kel - tec or Sig 290 or a beretta storm subcompact or a 26 glock

  6. G26. Capacity, conceal ability, safety, and always goes bang.

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    I carry the S&W M&P 9! Flawless so far, lost track with amount of rounds through it.

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    I love the Ruger Sr40c.....if you need 9mm....the Ruger SR9c.
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  9. I use either a Kahr CW9, single stack and good for IWB or a Walther PPQ for OWB
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  10. Glock anything I would recomend!

  11. I like the Taurus PT709 Slim.

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