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    There are no such thing as an NRA Instructor that gives and NRA Course online. The NRA will pull credentials. I am an NRA Training Counselor and would report any Instructor that I saw doing that. One of the requirements of teaching an NRA class, is in person........
    I did not post the url originally as I didn't wish to "advertise" them or make it appear as though I was advertising, but here's the url, you might check it and if you do find or feel there is a violation going on then please DO report your findings to the appropriate agency for review. It's all new to me so I have no idea about the validity of this, which was why I opened the thread with the question on this.

    I munged the url so it wont give them hits from here, you know how to correct it to look;

    .firearmsandliberty DOT COM /store/index_cart.php?crn=262

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    This is strange, it doesn't SAY "NRA" certified, in fact it says this;

    The Online Iowa Carry Permit Course

    "We are Nationally certified, and certified by the Minnesota BCA, and Utah BCI to teach firearm courses from the basics to advanced topics. The certifications ensure that we meet the requirements as specified in Iowa State law for your training for a permit or license to carry a concealed firearm."

    Just beginning to sound wierd for some reason, but in any case the local instructor I just finished the basic class with today- charges only $50 for the cc class

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    That link doesn't work
    President & Chief Instructor

  5. Quit trying to save fifty Bucks and just take a real NRA home coarse for defense ... Has to be NRA certified

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bttbbob View Post
    That link doesn't work
    As I thought I mentioned- it's munged, so it's not clickable from here, you do have to add the usual http://
    and change DOT COM to

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