unrestricted carry permit in Erie county NY
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Thread: unrestricted carry permit in Erie county NY

  1. unrestricted carry permit in Erie county NY

    I recently got my pistol permit (target/hunting) and I was wondering how long I should wait before I apply for my full carry permit

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    From what I've heard you need a very good reason to get approved for CCW right away. Maybe you have one though. Otherwise I think after five years of having a restricted permit they're pretty good about taking the restriction off if you apply. That's what someone at the clerk's office told me. I successfully applied for mine in Erie Co. after I think four years. Hope this helps.

  4. I have asked the pistol permit office directly and they have stated that generally after five years you can apply for the "upgrade" to unrestricted and it should be approved. That being said, if you are in law enforcement you should be able to bypass the five year waiting period. How long have you had your permit and which judge signed off on it?

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    Attend a class in concealed carry that includes NYS penal law (Article 265 & 35). This improves your chances.

  6. I got my permit unrestricted right off the bat which I hear was quite a feat. My reasoning was that I frequently travel through economically impoverished and high crime areas in the East Side of Buffalo. I also got my permit in just a touch under 5 months. I was shocked when the letter came that fast. Good luck on your quest. I say apply right away the most they can do it say no. I also hear that Judge Boller issues more unrestricted permits than any other justice, so pray he's the one making the call.

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