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Thread: Ruger LCP .380 OWB holster

  1. Nice looking holster. Are you using yours IWB or OWB?

  3. re: laser/holster

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    I prefer to wear my shirts not tucked in and prefer an outside the waist band holster. I am really partial to the Fobus holster and own several. I'm a little tired of the weight of a .40 or .45 so I bought a Ruger LCP .380 with a Crimson Trace. I wrote Fobus and got a reply back this weekend that they will be at least another month before the release a holster for the LCP. Does anyone have a good outside the waist band holster for the .380 that they prefer?
    The fobus holster works great with the lCP for concealment. I have a few lasers for other pistols but seen no use for one with the lcp. The Rugers heavy trigger pull will throw the shot off at a distance you would use laser for. Sub compact pistols as this are only used to point and shoot at very close distance in a fast as possible manner. This is the reason there is no safety. Will you have time to switch the laser on when you have a splt second to save your life? Do a test..Find a target at or within 21 ft. and pull your gun as fast as you can while switching laser on at the same time, then do it without the laser. You will notice where I'm coming from. I also have a Ruger LC9 (w/ safety off)that I prefer over the .380 thats very small and the fobus hides well under a shirt. I keep a North American Arms mini .22 Magnum 5 shot revolver in my pocket rather than carrying extra clips for Ruger. I do carry the LCP more often due to the super easy concealment. OWB is my favorite concealment method. I hate IWB and OWB is fastest method to draw from.

  4. I agree on the OWB vs IWB. On the otherhand, I prefer the LCP for carry. I have owned it for three years, and I like it. I own Kimbers, Taurus', Glocks, an S&W, a Colt and some Rugers. The laser switches on with grip pressure, no fumbling for a switch. I can hit anything I want within 30ft. with my LCP. Like I said, I love it and it works for me. I just wish Fobus would get off their butts and offer a holster for the CT. After all, it's been three years already.

  5. I ordered a Desantis Quick Snap from Optics Planet tonight. I'll post my thoughts after it arrives.

  6. Update on Desantis Quick Snap OWB for Ruger LCP. Out of the box, the holster was an impossibly tight fit. I read and followed Desantis' directions exactly and they worked. Fits nicely now. Easy in and out, easy unsnap and snap with nice snug fit. However, it rides too high. High enough that it leans out at the top making the LCP very printable. I am not happy with the holster and I will probably re-think an IWB. This will be my first and last Desantis holster.

  7. Honestly fobus paddle holster you won't look back I still only use that

  8. I own several. Unfortunately they still haven't released one for the LCP. It's still in testing.

  9. As long as your lcp doesn't have a laser they have one for it

  10. I know but I have the Crimson Trace laser.

    I bought a Ruger LCP .380 with a Crimson Trace. I wrote Fobus and got a reply back this weekend that they will be at least another month before the release a holster

  11. I yah sell the laser lol I don't think in a real life situation you would use it ...

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