would my gun do well in a crossbreed supertuck? iwb
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Thread: would my gun do well in a crossbreed supertuck? iwb

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    would my gun do well in a crossbreed supertuck? iwb

    every time i read on the forum about 380s they say it is a smaller gun but my gun itself is kinda big i think as far as trying to conceal it
    it's a browning .380 all all metal and heavy gun weighs about 2 pounds fully loaded which is ok but the grip is almost an inch and a half wide to me that seems pretty hard to conceal?? it fires comfortable because of the wide grip but i not sure how it will conceal being so wide??? anyone else have a large gripped gun they conceal and how do you do it if so???
    newbie here and don't yet have a holster for it but would like to see if it would work ok in cbsupertuck iwb holster?? i'm afraid the big grip would stick out too much or will it be ok??
    does anyone here have a gun about that size they carry concealed and what do you use to hide it on your waist??
    i bought a fanny pack which hides it well but it is kinda awkward yet for a fast draw from that .so i am seriously looking at that crossbreed super tuck and hoping it would do a good job concealing?
    ?? what say you do you think it would work out well for me i'm medium build 5'8 about 145 lbs??
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    Qi am sure i want be the only one to say it should work great but only you will know. I carry a cb supertuck with my glock 23 almost daily i love it. The best part it the adjustablility they have to make it fit you. I wear at 3:30 with it tiped very far forward to help hide the grip. Hope this helps some.

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    good so you don't think that fat gun butt is going to be a problem concealing :) yea i think 3;30 at a good cant will work well for me too
    i thinking of getting one for my gun i hope it works as they are pretty expensive
    does your gun have a fat butt too???
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  5. If you haven't ran out and spent $80.00 ,or more, on a holster what are you waiting for? I spent $65.00 on a IWB ,similar to the crossbreed, and I love it. Next you have to go out and spend another $80.00 for a good gun belt as no ccw set up is complete without both. There I just helped you blow through $160.00 in only a few sentences. I really like how the the work together to carry concealed and stay comfortable. Good luck.

  6. I have a ruger lcp the only holster I use is a fobus paddle holster ... 22$ shipped from amazon.. And can wear with or without a belt .

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    yea it will be some money for sure that is why i want to know it will conceal my guns bug butt well before blowing all that money and don't want to buy another gun at this point as they are not cheap either and i like my old gun too so if it conceals well that holster and a good gun belt will probably work good enough for me
    not to mention mo money on ammo and range fees so this is not only a serious move on my part but also an expensive endeavor as well but being crime is going up around here and i getting older in age it may behoove me to keep a firearm about my person
    thanks for the response i take all advice i can get being new to the idea of carrying a gun and need to think over options and all
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  8. You're smart to evaluate your options and draw from those with more experience. I went out and bought this gun and that holster to find out it wasn't the best way for me to carry concealed, be comfortable, an have the ability to draw efficiently. I learned the hard way and it was expensive.

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    My wife and I have a few Hybrid IWB hosters: Crossbreed Super Tuck for the Taurus PT 111 9MM, a Crossbreed Mini Tuck for the wifes Ruger LCP, a White Hat Max Tuck for my Springfield XD.40 Subcompact, a White Hat Max Tuck for my Ruger LCP Laser Max, and a White Hat Max Tuck on the way for the S&W M&P. some of those guns have wide grips but conceal well if canted forward. I have become a fan of the White Hat over the Crossbreed for two reasons: 1- they would make a holster for the Laser Max and CB would not, 2- the WH kydex can be changed to fit different guns. If you traded guns, for about $20 you could buy new kydex to fit your new gun, screw it to your original backing and you are back in business and have saved $60.

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    Hey Eyes! I've been carrying my 4" XD40 in a Crossbreed Supertuck for about a year now. The XD is a double stack with a wide grip and it hides real well in the Supertuck. I'm 5'9" 275 so I got that Dunlop thing going on and the rig is still comfortable to me so a slimmer person will most likely wear it more comfortably. Like it was said previously, a good belt is essential to the stability of the rig and to your comfort. A floppy belt will lead to a floppy rig.

    Crossbreed was the pioneer but there are some more that have spring boarded off of Crossbreed and have made some innovations and improvements. I think you might want to check them out before you jump on on a particular brand.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    yea i hear ya
    i don't want a drawer of expensive equipment i can't use so it pays to do the homework
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