Is CCL worth the time, money, and liability?
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Thread: Is CCL worth the time, money, and liability?

  1. Is CCL worth the time, money, and liability?

    In addition to the cost and time, is it true that those with a CCL are more subject to legal scrutiny should they ever have to draw their gun?

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    Depends which type of scrutiny you prefer. You either prefer to be scrutinized by cops, lawyers, judges, etc. or a coroner. Your choice. I prefer to be able to protect myself and my family if the need should present itself...hopefully I will never need to.
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    Only you can decide if it's worth it for yourself, but consider this question. Is it worth the additional time, money, and increased legal interaction to be a victim at the complete mercy of the type of person who would willingly beat and rape an 85 year old woman, kill a child just to see what it's like, or torture and rape your wife/girlfriend while you are forced to watch? The answer was easy for me. I carry a weapon.
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  6. I wear a seat belt, when I ride in a car, in hopes it will protect me from bodily harm.

    I pay my taxes to avoid a jail sentence.

    I carry a gun to protect myself and my family from dangerous criminals, if I beat the same criminal to death with a rock or shoot him it seems worth it in the end.

    I do my best to stay safe and stay out of trouble but if a person tries to harm me or my family I will defend myself.

    Am I worried about legal repercussions? Yes I am.

  7. I would be even more closely scrutinized if I drew my gun and did not have a CCL. So what are you really asking in this, your first post?

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    Is it worth eating when you are just going to have to crap and get hungry again?

    The answer to your question for you is no. Don't bother.

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    Sometimes in these forums, I can actually feel myself getting dumber...

  10. I would say no don't worry about it.. What I would do is troll another forum but my advice would be open fire into the air in a heavy populated area ...

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    I am willing to assume that the OP may live where you can carry in one form or another without a permit, and even so there are benefits to having a permit anyway. If conceal carry is not legal without a permit than you need to make sure that you do not accidentally cover your sidearm. If you ever travel out of state, a permit is handy to allow carry outside of your own state (most of the time).
    There are also reasons to not get a permit, but I personally do not feel that they outweigh "my personal" reasons for getting one myself. To each their own, and carry however you feel is better for you, but always do so legally.
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