Illinois blows!
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Thread: Illinois blows!

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    Illinois blows!

    Im born and raised in the state of Illinois. Im nearly 25 and recently bought a house in illinois. I love illinois but it really sucks they dont allow concealed carry here. Has anyone know or heard anything about a possible law change? seems like most states have CC, what other states dont??

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    I am sorry you live in the communist State of Illinois. You are on the right web site to get the answers to your questions. If you would look at the Concealed Carry Maps link, you would know that Illinois is the only State that does not allow concealed carry. As far as what is in the works, put Illinois in the search and you will find what is happening. Vote with your feet and get out of Illinois. Just my two cents worth!

  4. Welcome to the Forum.

    Better late to the game than never. You've two choices: 1. Move. 2. Fight like hell to get some form of Carry in your state (just know that "upstate" (Chicago) has the political horsepower to dictate what does, or does not, happen in Springfield and changing that is a gargantuan task). Find out what is going on in IL to bring about Carry, get active, get all your friends active. Sometimes it takes Regime Change in the Governor's office (like in WI recently or in TX in the 1990's) to get progress. Good luck.

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    If I were your age and didn't have kids, I would leave skid marks getting out of here! I am 40 and have watched the Chicago political machine take this state down the toilet to the point that we are the joke of this nation in more ways than one. Get out while you can!

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    If u watch what is going in. in the Illinois laws you'll see they r trying to get CCW but as one of the only cple non CCW states, I have my doubts....I'm born Chicagoan, raised in the burbs of Crystal Lake & McHenery co. & that is why I moved to NV in 87....u shld see it out here, it's like the wild west...I even open carry now & then..but luv my ccw.... Gun collection...any have many holsters for CCW, a whle wardrobe of thm....

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    Bail Illinois or get active it fighting for your rights, the organizations currently working for them can always use more help.
    If you don't do one of those things, then may oppression sit lightly on your shoulders.
    "One cannot restrict the defiant by constraining the compliant."
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    About 50 years ago the Democrats gained control of Maine.For 40 years I kept hearing people complain about how the state was run and yet they kept re-electing Democrats hoping they would change things.Last year the people of Maine collectively had a light go on in their heads and realized that if they wanted change they had to make the change at the polls and they elect all Republicans,Governor ,state senate and state representatives , a complete sweep.
    Now things are changing for the better including several pro gun bills have been passed and signed into law by the Governor.
    You will never have ccw in Illinois until the people of Illinois elect 2nd Amendment friendly Governor , state senate and state representatives .
    Washington didn't use his right of free speech to defeat the British , he shot them.

  9. Welcome to the site Lethaldosage47 as someone already stated you came to the right place. I am in the same boat you are although New Jersey is a may issue state you need to be a LEO, retired LEO or know someone in high places. In other words New Jersey is a right denied state because regular people aren't getting permits no matter what. Me I am waiting my time to get out of New Jerkistan my kids are grown and in college. When it is right for me and my wife we are going to neighboring PA if they want to come and aren't settled yet they are welcome. The only thing I fear that NJ is so expensive and taxes are crazy I fear that I won't able to sell. Good luck to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by stovepipe View Post
    You will never have ccw in Illinois until the people of Illinois elect 2nd Amendment friendly Governor , state senate and state representatives .
    That's as good as saying that Illinois will never have CCW.

    I was born in Chicago and lived there for 20+ years.

    The ONLY way that Illinois will EVER get shall issue CCW is via Federal court order.

    Rahm Emmanuel is every bit as anti-gun as D ick Daley, except he's not senile/drunk. If he doesn't want there to be shall issue CCW in Illinois, it will NEVER pass the Illinois House and Senate.

    If you want to enjoy the rights of most other U.S. citizens, get out of Illinois and don't look back.

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    You hear about the next big earthquake dumping LA into the ocean. Maybe some of our scientists can get to work on figuring out how to break off Chicago and sink it into Lake Michigan. I know my parents in Peoria would be much happier if they didn't have to deal with "the uppers".
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