Small side pack for concealed carry
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Thread: Small side pack for concealed carry

  1. Small side pack for concealed carry

    Can anyone recommend a small rugged pack that I could strap to my side and carry a pistol in? I was thinking something like this might be easier to carry. I could basically carry concealed without actually being concealed. I'm not sure if there are products made specifically for this or not.

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    Sneaky pete makes a cell phone holster that i have thought about getting. Not sure if this is what you are thinking of or not.

  4. No, I was thinking of something that looks like a supply pouch that would ride directly on my right side at about 2-3 o'clock. Would be something that most would not notice or pay attention to. When I'm not at work I always wear my shirt untucked so it would be partially concealed.

    I looked at this. Has anyone tried anything like it?

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    I have one of these: The Original Tommy's Gun Pack and use it when I don't wear a shirt untucked sometimes. Put your name on their mailing list and wait for a sale.

    I have looked at the 5.11 product but don't own one.

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    I think the gun packs are very obvious. Depending on the weapon, even Walmart has a selection of belt camera cases in many different sizes.

    If I'm carrying a mousegun I just clip it to my belt loop with a carabiner and no one looks twice.

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  7. Tuarus TCP comes with a little belt pack holster with magnetic clip flap that works fairly well. BullDog or someone makes one very much like that one.

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    Other Ideas.
    I have and like "The Discreet Hip Pouch" and "The Gun Caddie"
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    i got a nice holstered fanny pack from the gun show has extra compartment for mag and another roomy one for flashlight wallet phone whatever it's nice leather too with zip pull that opens quick was only 40 bucks and probably just what you would want i wished i could post a pic of it or find the name of the company that makes it something tells me it's just what you looking for
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  10. "I could basically carry concealed without actually being concealed." Just to put it out there, if you carry off-body, but the gun is not visible, it IS concealed as far as the law goes. So in most states, you still need a CC permit to carry in a fanny pack, purse, etc.

  11. Personally, I can't stand fanny packs unless I'm going for a short hike, in which case a lumbar hydration pack is ideal. But I have the same problems sometimes with all my junk (gun, light, sunglasses, reloads, knife, etc). I was looking at "man-purses" like the Maxpedition VersiPak, but they're still pretty darn big. I saw an Indian-made shoulder pack that is just big enough for a Glock19. It has a fold out flap for IDs and money and a couple outer pockets for knives, lights and other EDC stuff. The best part was its price: $10. I should have bought two, but I bought one in OD. For weekend activities, it's perfect, and I can pack a larger gun than my P3AT (which is how I normally solve my always-carry conundrum). One thing: unless you're used to keeping your bag close by (like women are with their purses), it will take a while to train yourself to not set the bag down and walk away. Good luck!

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