Buying first hand gun, need help deciding.
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Thread: Buying first hand gun, need help deciding.

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    Buying first hand gun, need help deciding.

    I have been trying to decide for months and can't make up my mind. I need a good accurate reliable safe gun and I plan to conceal carry it. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 it's between the Xdm 3.8, and Kimber pro carry II. What do you guys think? I know I could buy almost 2 guns foer the price of the Kimber but it seems everybody who has one is madly in love with it. I don't plan to get another gun for a while so I want to make sure I do it right, what do you guys think? Thanks Matt

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    if its possible in your state try to find a friend that has one of these guns and shoot it to see how you like it. or try to find a range that rents guns and see what is available for rent, this will help you see which one you like better to shoot and hold and which would be easier to conceal on your body.

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    I have an XD 9 and the Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry 2. I gave the XD to my son. He'll get the Kimber with I'm 6 feet under. Kimbers are indeed spendy, but if you decide to go for it you will see what the rest of us Kimber owners are raving about.

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    Go with what feels best in your hand. Gun fit is very important for a handgun.

  6. i have a colt defender (similar to the kimber), its a great gun, but the 1911s can be finicky and have feeding issues.. also the .45 can be a bit too much for somebody with their first firearm in terms of recoil... im currently getting a Glock 23 .40 because i have had some feeding issues / reliability issues with the colt.... Also, the glocks can legally hold 10 +1 in NY, where as my colt only holds 7+1, something to think about..

    Go with a Glock for your carry gun!, i do like the 1911s tho, as well as the Ruger sp101 revolver.

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    I agree with Ryan. Go to a local gun shop/range and rent several weapons. Find the one that fits your hand properly and that you can handle comfortably. You should consider weight of the weapon, the accuracy, cost of ammo and upgrades etc etc.

  8. Is it your first time handling a handgun? Or just your first time buying one? For first time users, I usually recommend a Glock, XD, or revolver because they're simple designs; the Kimber is a 1911 style handgun, and therefore is more difficult to get used to operating because of its safety features. If you're comfortable with handguns, then both the XD and Kimber are great guns, though obviously Kimber is one of the nicest 1911's around.
    *If you get the XDm 3.8, make sure that you get the XDm 3.8 COMPACT, the full size has a much longer grip that prints badly, and the compact comes with a full size extended mag with grip extension that makes the grip full size if desired, but you also keep the option of having the short concealable magazine.

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    For the first gun. Your choices XDm or Kimber. XDm 3.8 compact for the first one. Save the expensive tastes for when you want to upgrade. Besides you will want different guns for different times. Invest in a good holster and a good belt. (Not a wallyworld belt.)

    Rent or borrow both before you buy. I fully agree with above that 1911s can be finicky. If you are not a tinkerer, they can be a pain. (Sometimes even if you are one! lol) The biggest reason I would pick XDm for you would be cost of the gun, ease of cleaning/care, practice ammo, holster, belt, etc. You may have already planned for this, but if not? All that said, there is nothing, absolutely nothing as fine as a well tuned 1911 trigger system. (Sweet.)

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    I think you'll do well with either. Both are fine pistols.

    I think I'd go with the Springfield only because I'd be worried about scratching the Kimber
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    I have a Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II, a Glock 23 and Ruger SR40c. I bought the Ruger because I wanted a compact .40 and didn't like the trigger on the XDm-40 compact. The Ruger's trigger, to me, felt like a Glock trigger (almost no creep, crisp easy pull). But neither gun matches the trigger on my Kimber. Go shoot one if you haven't. Kimber recommends a 500-round breakin, I believe, before you put hollow points through it. I have had zero failures zero feed issues.

    If I had to choose between my Glock and Ruger I would choose the Glock because it is more accurate. If I had to choose between all three I would pick the Kimber, because it is a .45 and because it is the most accurate of the three. Mine came with black iron sights. I had the factory install Meprolight night sights; I don't want to rely on the laser at night and the white dots help during the day.

    Go to a range with rentals and try them on for size. In my hands the recoil from .40 and .45 caliber is negligible--I've had .380s beat me up worse. I think that has to do with the fact that these are not mouse guns, neither is the Springfield you're considering.

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