Photos from Target practice. Ruger LCP & Ruger LC9
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Thread: Photos from Target practice. Ruger LCP & Ruger LC9

  1. Photos from Target practice. Ruger LCP & Ruger LC9

    Both targets were at 7 yrds. and 50 rounds each. .380 LCP =Federal 95 gr. FMJ, 9mm LC9= Winchester 115 gr. FMJ (white box) value pack ammo. The .380 shoots slightly to the right, but not bad for a very sub compact pistol. Shooting slightly to the left would compensate at this distance but I would aim where I was shooting at 5 yrds. The LC9 shoots wonderful for a sub compact 9mm. I carry the LC9 strngside and the LCP is crossdraw. Both are OWB in Forbus holsters which a t-shirt worn untucked conceals both very well. I prefer OWB rather than IWB, pocket, chest, ankle or pouch carry due to the ease of pulling the weapons and the comfort. The range I used was a indoor range at Bass Pro Shop here in Springfield, Mo. All ammo fired, functioned very well. Both pistols had fired around 200 rounds without being cleaned prior to this target practice. Stripped them both and cleaned after getting home. The first target is the LC9 and the second target is the LCP.
    Photos from Target practice. Ruger LCP & Ruger LC9-05172012001.jpgPhotos from Target practice. Ruger LCP & Ruger LC9-05172012002.jpg
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    I have both pistols too. I know this sounds crazy, but at five yards I'm more center-mass by just pointing the LCP, rather than using a sight picture.
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    nice! cool of you to post the pics. I have been wondering how the LC9 shoots and that looks pretty good for such a small pistol. I really like the way my LCP shoots and have been wanting an LC9

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