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  1. Day 45

    Today marks day 45 of the wait on our permits. I tell ya I was pumped yesterday hoping that since day 45 landed on a Sunday we may get them on day 44 but nada. Best case scenario we get them on day 46. Still extremely excited, living here in North MS people seem to be going nuts all of a sudden, from Mayes to the highway killer and now i heard there was one in Memphis they are calling the sofa killer. Like i said this area seems to be erupting with psyco idiots lately and its kind of an uneasy feeling. Even though without a permit we are allowed to vehicle carry as an extension of our home here in MS you still have to leave it in the car when you get out to go in somewhere leaving yourself vulnerable. So yea I'm excited and cant wait to get them. Better to have and not need than to need and not have- my motto

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    woodruff this truly is Obamas fault . Obama is the top gun sales man of 2012 and also the biggest ccw pusher of 2012 unfortunately this unforeseen demand for both has left gunmakers, nics bacground checks and ccw issuers severally understaffed .
    Washington didn't use his right of free speech to defeat the British , he shot them.

  4. I figured being election time that it may delay the process a little, one can still hope tho. That, coupled with the paranoia of the apocalyptic end of the world coming in Dec. lol. But as I've said there are those that believe that hockey and many idiots may come out of the hills thinking the world is gonna end. I am preparing myself for them not the apocalypse. I'm already prepared for the end of my time, Jesus worked that out a long time ago.....

  5. Hey just for a side note I am a woodruff also from upstateSC.

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    i'm still waiting on mine too but i can wait as i spend that time practicing handling -firing at the range- and carrying a gun in my own home and seeing about getting carry gear in the meantime so when it does get here i can carry comfortably and confidently meanwhile i just carry a knife and some tear spray and carry myself on alert mode of my surroundings when i leave my house by myself
    be safe
    gun control is being able to hit your target

  7. dadpharm- I'm from MS. And now its day 46 and nothing. My wife is excited also we went the same day to apply. Hers will probably get here first.

  8. I just got mine recently here in south MS. It took exactly 45 days. Sucks you are having to wait longer.

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    Just remember, when you do get it.... Concealed means concealed. Tell no one.
    Good Luck.

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    Just went to TN Dept. of Safety today to apply for my 4th HCP renewal. Things have gotten much easier over the years to renew. Now, a simple application, keyed into the computer, a swipe of my debit card, then have a digital picture taken. And then await the little card to arrive via USPS. The clerk started to tell me I could use the receipt until the permit arrives, then told me the new permit should arrive LONG before current one expires in September ... no sense waiting til the last minute, eh?

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  11. Thats cool I hope today its finally there stinks I have to wait until I get off work to find out.

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