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    Just got it!!

    My birthday was this past weekend and now I am the proud owner and carrier of a Springfield XD .45! I am a big man (6'2" 290), so carrying is not a problem. Have only put about 50 rounds through it yet, but love the way it feels and shoots right out of the box. Have had my CWP for about a year now, so am responsible and know the laws as I have been carrying a 9mm since I received my permit. Using a Fobus paddle holster as I am in and out of hospitals and healthcare facilities with my job and take it off to do so. Any holster suggestions? Anyone had bad experiences or things to look out for with this pistol? Thanks in advance for your comments!
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    congrats on your new defense tool and happy belated birthday
    i have a b'day coming up next month and at my age don't count them any more heheh
    but i'm hoping to get my permit from the state soon i applied for it first week in may could take 90 days in florida but maybe sooner but while i'm waiting i'm going to look into getting some gear for an old gun i have and keep my fingers crossed to win that awesome giveaway which would be probably all i need to get started ..that would be a grand birthday present i could really use too
    being new to concealed carry i can't really help you pick out a good holster for your new gun as i'm just learning about all the styles myself their pros and cons and what size guns they conceal well with.......but i'm sure many on this forum will point you in the right direction.
    as for me i'm really liking that crossbreed supertuck for one way to carry when i'm in jeans or shorts and have to think on concealing whilst wearing other outfits like the long elastic waisted skirts i like to wear and found some good ideas on this forum as far as that is concerned but haven't tried anything out yet
    best wishes and be safe
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