Time period for LTC A in MA.?
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Thread: Time period for LTC A in MA.?

  1. Question Time period for LTC A in MA.?

    Today is the 60th day since I have applied for my LTC class A here in MA. I have read the laws and they state that a decision must be made within 40 days.
    The day I applied I was told it would take right around 70 days for a decision. My question is should I just sit it out and wait or maybe make a phone call to see what is the current status of my LTC.
    I do not want to start any problems with the permit. And really am not in a big hurry to get it. Except for the fact that I have 5 guns waiting to be picked up at the police station. I inherited these guns back in Febuary and am getting concerened that someting may happen to them before I get to pick them up. I was told when I applied that they would indeed still be there and that they would not be put into bonded storage.
    Just looking for a bit of advice/input on this.

  3. Just wondering ain't there anyone from Ma. on here 247 views and not one reply? Surely there must be someone else with the same problem as me.

  4. Google northeastshooters... you will probably get a better response there.

    I dropped my application off Wednesday evening and got a call Thursday (yesterday) morning with their decision. They had me come down early afternoon for the interview. The paperwork has already been sent to Boston for the permit. I don't think this is the norm though... a buddy of mine who applied in North Reading had to wait a month before they contacted him for an interview.

    Only problem is I was issued a class A with restrictions for target, hunting, and employment.. and I had to fight for that... which is unfortunately the norm in Peabody.

    That being said - I see NO reason why it would take 70 days to make a decision. Some of the the Cheifs in this state are crooks for taking away our rights... and they're probably looking or waiting for a reason to do so. Good luck

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    As I recollect, the license for personal defense is issued as soon as one of the following conditions are met:

    1 - Within 30 days after they have received a certified copy of your death certificate.
    2 - The National Weather Service certifies 1 week of temperatures of less than 32 degrees F have occurred in the devil's throne room.

  6. I believe you are correct on that. lol

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