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    Different strokes for different folks. There is no wrong answer. Whatever feels best and gets your weapon on target the fastest.
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    I use Desantis Sof-Tuck for my Colt Gov't .380 and My 1911 .38 super I can adjust the cant to suit my needs. Also I can tuck my shirt in if need to.
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  4. Thanks for the good response, and as mentioned I was curious as to what everyone uses or prefers. I too have a drawer full of holsters that I have tried over time and have also found that if I carry past 3:30 I prefer the FBI cant, otherwise it is the straight draw at 3 or before. Same goes when using an OWB holster as well. Based on where I am going always decides which of the three carry weapons I will use and as each has their own IWB and OWB it always comes down to what I wear and what is most comfortable. The only thing that never changes is the backup in the ankle glove that is always there. Thanks again for the good responses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleeyes View Post
    wow you carry two guns? guess it keeps ya balanced
    I have a friend whose father was a WW II vet. He always said that, "If you have to go to your back up gun, you are probably in more trouble than you were when you started out. You don't need a smaller one, you need a bigger one. Also, you shouldn't try to change operating systems in the middle of a firefight." I thought about that for a long time and I couldn't defeat the logic,So I carry guns in pairs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seeya View Post
    I use Desantis Sof-Tuck for my Colt Gov't .380 and My 1911 .38 super I can adjust the cant to suit my needs. Also I can tuck my shirt in if need to.
    That's the neat thing about holsters that can have their cant changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sig_man View Post
    Thought I would try to start a discussion on types of holsters. Trying to determine which is best for both IWB and OWB, a straight pull up draw or the standard 15 degree FBI cant. I have both and the each have their advantages and disadvantages. What do you think?
    When carrying in the 1,2, or 3 o'clock...I prefer the straight pull. When carrying in the 4-5 o'clock...I prefer a slight cant.

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