carried with one in the chamber today......
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Thread: carried with one in the chamber today......

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    carried with one in the chamber today......

    And im not sure why i didn't before. I guess reality just slapped me in the face and i realized i would never have enough time to chamber a round during an attack?

    And the g27 didnt go bang all by it self! I guess im just a newb.

    On another subject, i got the xs sights installed today and cant wait to hit the range!

  3. When I first started carrying I didn't carry with a round in the chamber either.
    In my mind I needed to get accostumed to carrying and I was worried that I might do something dumb to make it go off. After about a week I was confident enough to chamber a round.
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    Carrying with one in the tube is the only way to do it. BGs not going to wait for you to get ready.

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    You always need a round chambered.

    The only other question is if you keep it in condition #1 or #2.

    For a double action or double-and-single action, condition #2 is the quickest on the draw because all you need to do is pull the trigger.

    For a single action only, condition #1 is the quickest on the draw because all you need to do before you pull the trigger is press down to release the safety.
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    When I was first starting, I used to put one in the pipe and lay my gun on my desk for a week until I got used to it being there. Nothing happened. So I put it in my pocket...I have a G23. I went around the house and the garden front and back with it. Nothing happened either. Then I started going out with it to the stores, taking my dog out for a long trot, I did not encounter anyone i want to kill either. So now I am used to it like a second skin to me that i shed each time I go to bed. You'll get used to it in time...just give yourself time. What works for me, may not work for you...but you can imitate what I did...if you are woman and afraid of guns at first like I was.
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    I think these feelings are more prevalent than anyone lets on. I have had my permit for less than a month and can admit that I have had them as well. Before I had the permit, I would carry around the house with an empty magazine after racking the slide (Glock 19) in order to get used to the gun being in condition 1. The trigger never depressed's all in your head and is probably a natural feeling to have. I know I was more concerned with removing the gun from the holster and unconsciously pulling the trigger. This is all part of getting comfortable with carrying IMO. Once your mind is comfortable with the fact that you won't do anything stupid and that the pistol truly requires an input from your finger to fire, you will be comfortable carrying in condition 1.
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    i'm just getting used to keeping my gun close to me when around the house unloaded for now of course but a loaded mag close by too just in case........
    whereas before it just sat in a box under the bed ready to go and honestly i was afraid to even mop under my bed without carefully moving it out of the way because of it being ready to fire after taking it out of 'safe' mode but even in safe i was always very careful even moving the box knowing it was loaded and chambered now i'm more comfortable and don't treat it like a piece of fine china anymore so i have alot of steps to go still but at least i'm willing to proceed albeit still with good cautions
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    When I first switched to carrying a Glock instead of a 1911 in condition 1, I carried for a few days without a round chambered just to verify to myself that I wasn't ever accidentally touching the trigger when holstering/unholstering the Glock. While not really necessary, it was good for peace of mind to know that I wasn't making any potentially dangerous mistakes.
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    my trigger is hard to pull the first round through so that is good safety feature on my ol browning
    i think when i carry i will also have one in the chamber and keep it on safety which is also tight to put in fire mode as my thumb needs to get used to this i'm home practicing now i have my gun in my jean shorts waist at about 3;30 slight cant and pull it out and try to get it in fire mode quickly ugh practice practice practice also need to practice putting it back on safety while putting it back in my waist i think by time my permit gets here i will be comfortable enough carry safe
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    Last year in Dayton, a guy getting gasoline was jumped by two drug addled imbeciles. They hit him simultaneously from front and rear. He managed to break free long enough to shoot one of his assailants and drive the other off. By his own admission, the victim probably would not have been able to chamber a round during the attack. He probably would have lost the fight, his gun, and maybe his life.

    NO self-defense plan I have or ever will have is premised on a violent assailant LETTING me prepare myself to defend myself from his deadly force attack AFTER that attack has started.

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