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  1. Ruger LCP

    I'm looking at buying a Ruger LCP chambered in 380 auto for my first pistol to carry on a regular basis. Ive owned revolvers and I'm not sure how I feel about a semi autos reliability or the knock down of the small 380? Any owners of the Ruger LCP feel free to chime in. Thanks

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    if you win the giveaway you won't have to buy one
    i'm so hoping to win that giveaway package as it would be all the gear i need to get me started conceal carrying as well as good storage safe storage too
    i have an older browning dba .380 it's alot heavier than the ruger lcp and not as easy to conceal as the ruger......
    i don't know if i'd buy one but if i won it, it would most likely be my edc being its conceal ability and easy rack and same bullet and lighter to carry too
    i think it would make a good carry gun being it's easy to conceal not that heavy to carry easy to rack i haven't fired one so i don't know about recoil how comfortable the grip.. and all but some one here will prolly fill ya in on those details
    welcome aboard! you will get answers to all your gun questions here and even different opinions from the many knowledgeable posters on this forum so you will get a well rounded amount of information on just about any gun as some folks will love that gun whilst others may not be so keen on it ...
    best wishes and be safe
    gun control is being able to hit your target

  4. I have a Ruger .380 LCP. Carry it everyday. I love it. Its small enough to put in my pocket or tuck in my waist band. The recoil isn't bad and it a all around nice gun. I also carry a ruger 9mm P95.

  5. I recently bought a Ruger LCP. It felt so thin and small but in a highly desirable caliber. I was very worried though about the accuracy of such a small gun having several .25s that are not accurate. I was extremely suprised at how accurate this gun is. I was able to shoot about a 3" group from 25 feet. This is no small feat because the trigger pull is a little stiffer than I like. Good gun, no jams or misfires to date. Great for concealed carry. Faily potent ammo.

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    excellent carry gun! I carry mine and hardly notice it. Also shoots well and very reliable.

  7. I was thinking about concealing it in an ankle holster since a operate heavy equipment all day but still was easy access security.

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    LOVE my LCP! Carry it everyday in my bra with the Looper Law Enforcement Marilyn Holster or the Crossbreed MiniTuck. I am far more accurate with it than any of my other guns and have never had a misfire or jam and I have tried dozens of different types of ammo. I tried many .380s before I purchased and this one felt the best in my hand and I had the best accuracy with this one right out of the box.

  9. I have to conceal it as my permit is for concealed carry only and operating equipment renders in the pocket useless and tall work boots eliminates an ankle holster. So I need ideas on where to carry it. A shoulder holster is ideal but only suitable when it can be covered not in Indiana summers

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    It was comfortable in the ankle holster I have, I hardly notice it is there with jeans on - I just find it easier to conceal with my other holsters, especially in the summer when I have shorts or capri pants on! :-)

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    I have driving for 5 hours with my LPC in a Crossbreed MiniTuck in the 5pm position and it was comfortable - you can just tuck your t-shirt over it and all you can see is the clip on your belt and it is small enough that it doesn't bind or pinch and isn't noticable if worn towards the backside when moving around and sitting.

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