Illinois Ban on Concealed Carry is coming to an end!
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Thread: Illinois Ban on Concealed Carry is coming to an end!

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    Smile Illinois Ban on Concealed Carry is coming to an end!

    I attended the June 8th, Hearing in Chicago, Shepard/Moore v Madigan. The 7th District Federal Appeals Court heard oral arguments from both sides. The 3 Judges on the Panel were really hard on the State of Illinois Attorney. There were actually two points in the Hearing where we laughed, with the Judges, as the events unfolded. You can hear this audio at or on the website for the Court. I left the Courthouse with my 14 year old Son, feeling like things are finally going to change.

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    glad to hear it! i can only hope it does and citizens can legally defend themselves there asap
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    I hope that you are correct in your feelings! It will be great to be able to carry in the state, and not just when in St Louis.

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    I would be nice but don't hold your breath. The Supreme Court has a long history of allowing states to make their own determinations on how/where/if firearms can be carried outside of private property.
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    Hope you are right and it does happen. It would be a great step forward towards the restoration of rights.

  7. It would be great If the citizens of Illinois could defend themselves. I hope You get your second amendments rights back, And don't ever allow anyone to take them away again.

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    Thats the way i feel too after listening to the hearing. I think its pretty clear that IL really dosent have a leg to stand on anymore with some of the lame points the state was trying to make. How does one defend themselfs when they live in a apartment and can only carry inside the appartment and not in the hallway, elevator or parking garage. Its pretty hard to argue with the results that all the other states have had and no blood isnt running in the streets. JMO

  9. I wish the ban was lifted it would be nice to get or Second Amendment to use in Chicago!

  10. I can only hope to see IL get their carry ban lifted, and soon. Even a favorable decision by the Court does not mean "instant carry".

    1. The state can/may/will appeal the decision.
    2. The state legislature can REALLY drag their feet on passing implementing law, perhaps across multiple legislative sessions.
    3. The Governor may exercise power of Veto.
    4. Issueing Agency can (likely will) have initial problems getting their system for permit issue up and running.

    No time like the present to "git 'er done"!

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    The Heller Case has cleared the way for this Case to be a Slam Dunk. The way to really make it happen would be to allow Chicago to License separably from the rest of Illinois. In Illinois, Chicago can License Plumbers with a Chicago Plumbing License due to the fact that they are a Municipality with a population over 500K. If we said that Chicago could have stricter Laws than the rest of the State, it would happen really fast. The Laws would have to still be within Constitutionality. Tough Town, may need more controls to control some people from ruining it for all of us!

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