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    .357 5-shot revolver as a backup gun..... don't carry what you would call a mouse gun, especially as a primary.

  3. Of the guns originally mentioned, I like the P238 the most. If you get a chance to feel one with Sig's new extended mag inserted it totally changes the way it feels.

  4. I started out with a Kel-Tec P3AT, but carrying inside the waistband found the rough grip became uncomfortable pretty quick. I changed to a Bodyguard 380 and love it. It is small, thin and I can carry it for long periods without any issues or discomfort.

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    Bersa and Firestorm .380 are excellent, I carry one IWB.

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    I have an LCP in my pocket as I type this. LC9 is good but I don't consider it a mouse gun at all. Way too big.

  8. I had a Kell Tec P3AT and sold that to upgrade to the Ruger LC9. It's not that much bigger, fits better in my hand, and I just feel better with it. I also now share ammo with my Glock home defense weapon.

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    A pocket gun is fine to have. Maybe a small .22 or .32 cal. Use it as a backup or someplace you don't want to
    wear your regular carry gun.

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    I've been in the market for a .380 for the wife and so far she likes the Sig p238, It fits her hand comfortably and mine (without too much shifting). She tried the Colt Pocketlite,Mustang. liked them too but it came down to the her being able to rack the slide. The Sig p238 has a lighter spring. So I'm going to pick one up in stainless for her.
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    Boberg XR9-S 9mm. Small, corrosion free, accurate, handles +P without needing springs after 100 shots like some small guns, very minimal recoil, extremely well built.

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