CWP in a Commercial vehicle
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Thread: CWP in a Commercial vehicle

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    CWP in a Commercial vehicle

    I drive a Commercial vehicle (18 wheeler) I'm a SC resident. I have a South Carolina and Utah CWP is it ok to carry my hand gun in my Commercial vehicle(18 wheeler) in South Carolina ,Georgia and Florida?

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    go to the top of the page and click where it says 'concealed carry maps' it can show you reciprocating states for your permit
    best wishes on the road and stay safe
    and welcome to usa carry!
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  4. I believe this is regulated by pre-emptive federal law and falls under the regulation of truck drivers. As such, I believe big rig drivers are forbidden from carrying weapons in the vehicle. You need to double check on this however.

    Please keep in mind that due to the nature of commercial truck and drivers being involved in interstate travel and commerce, federal regulation is allowed under the commerce clause. This is also why individual state conceal carry and weapon transport does not apply.

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    Sounds like your only issue is whether your company permits your carrying of the firearm.

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    I drive as well. Had same questions here the same things. That u can't. However have never seen u can not in the rule book. And have also talked to a few Michigan state troopers and DOT officers and they say you infact CAN carry in you rig aslong as your permit covers the states ur in. 18 whls don't meen anything. You are legal from what the troopers and Dot officers say.

  7. There is NO law against having a Gun in a Commercial vehicle (18 wheeler). You just need to follow the laws in the state you are in .

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    A friend of mine has personal experience with carrying concealed in a commercial vehicle. You can carry as long as the states you drive through reciprocate. My friend has been stopped/ inspected a few times and he showed the DOT officers his CCDW permit from KY and there were no problems. The only problem he ever had was with a small town cop that didn't know any better. No charges were ever filed because it was legal for him to have the gun.

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    I was a Truck driver for almost 30 years and an Owner-Operator for about 11 of those years also. There is no federal law against a concealed weapon in your truck. Thead, TxJeff, Jason & mellophonium are all correct. As long as your Permits cover the states you are driving through you are safe. Stay safe and keep the rubber side down.
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    Many states allow concealed carry and/or open carry in a vehicle without a license/permit.

    There are no Federal Regulations governing the carrying of personal firearms by commercial truck drivers in the cab for personal protection. Loaded firearms cannot be transported in the cargo compartment.
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    The FMCSA regulations book does NOT discuss guns, there are no federal regulations for commercial drivers in that regard. (Went thru it chapter by chapter in a CDL-A class.) Navy, above, is correct. BTW, sooooo glad I'm out from behind the "take from the driver what we can till he/she dies" wheel now and working locally! If anybody knows a person who drives for Paul Transportation, buy the poor sap a coke or a beer...
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