Firefighters and paramedics
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Thread: Firefighters and paramedics

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    Firefighters and paramedics

    Are there any firefighters or medics that carry concealed on the job? What are your thoughts on carrying on the job? Lord knows we see enough nut jobs, but are you really any safer carrying rather than not? Just some food for thought. I'm from Illinois, so I can't carry either way. Haha.

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    I was a medic for 20 years and always carried, no one would ever admit it or talk about it, but I know for a fact many did. I personally believe you are always safer when you carry.

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    I know an airline pilot who carried before he was legally allowed to. (Same as Rayb, never admitted it, but I know he did. He was "discouraged" from applying for the pilot-carry program by his management when the program was announced, but he did anyway. Sadly, he is now medically disqualified from flying, so he flies a desk now.)

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    Flight Paramedic. I would love to but my company prohibits guns on the property, not to mention someone would frown about packing one in the helicopter. When I worked on the ground it was also prohibited. It is best to stay out of those situations if at all possible and utilize law enforcement. I've known guys to go running in on scenes where PD is still en route. Very stupid idea.

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    In Ct. it's illegal to have a gun in the back of the ambulance. There is 1 ambulance co. that I know of, that is run by the police and the officers have to lock their gun in a lock box in the cab before they get in the back box with the pt. My FD has it written in the by-laws that only PD can enter the building with a gun...... If I could I would.

    I don't think I would go into a working structure fire with my gun, that brings up the question, how would you secure your gun while you're fighting a fire?

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    Captain, there was a rural town to the south of me where their village police chief was also a volunteer fireman, he had his turnout gear custom fitted to allow room for his holster. I still wouldn't feel comfortable with that, but I guess if it gets hot enough to pop off a couple rounds, you're probably already in a hairy situation.

    Ray, where did you keep your gun at?

    Just because you're carrying, I do not condone rushing into unsafe scenes. What's the first rule in EMT school? But how about those times when PD is too busy to break when people go crazy, or you're in the back with ever so prevalent psych patients now a days? Sure would be nice having a little peace of mind at your side.

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    I work in fire and EMS in PA and it is illegal to carry at both jobs. Depending on where exactly you work, I could see it justifiable, but I could also see you losing your career very quickly while some lawyer is having a field day. At my company we have had 1 ambulance shot up in 20 years- and it's because they did not stage in the area and wait for PD to clear like they were dispatched. Like tieman05 said, "what's the first rule in EMT school." If it's not safe don't go in. And if you play it safe, think ahead, and observe, I would say you can avoid a situation where you would need to use lethal force the vast majority of the time. And for the times you can't- That's what PD is for along with thinking ahead.

  9. I was a ft/EMT for little over 20 years. I always carried off the job but wouldn't even try. You get in the back with some psycho, no help, and he becomes violent. Can you GUARANTEE that he's not gonna get to you firearm?
    And if you hit a site, running code, your gonna take time away from your patient to get your firearm in a secure lockbox.
    To those who do carry, I'm not knockin you if it works for you/your dept. I retired from fire/rescue as an Asst. Chief. I wouldn't let my ppl carry on the job. Too many liabilities. I had a long and productive career without one.

  10. Can you cite the statute that makes it illegal in CT?

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    I'm a paramedic in Texas, most hospitals are off limits, not to mention if we get a call to school it's a felony if we are caught. I would if I could but I can't do I just pack a couple extra knifes.

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