gun safeties
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Thread: gun safeties

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    gun safeties

    I am about to start my search for my first CCW. I was told to avoid a certain brand of guns as the safety would not always remain on if the gun was dropped and in other settings. I do not remember which gun was being talked about nor the guy that told me that. Does anyone have any input into this?

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    I stopped carrying my Kimber Raptor because I never knew when and how the safety would release but it would.

    There are others who have carried 1911's for years without a single incident. I started carrying my P45 for a week and same thing.

    I love 1911's but I can't carry one, cocked anyway.

    I carry a Sig P220 SAS or a Glock 30 now.


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    i'm new to guns too and this video is a good on safeties on guns
    welcome to the forum

    enjoy and learn as i my self am doing being new to conceal carrying
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    I carry S&W revolvers or a Glock 23. My safety is my right index finger!
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    I carry a Bersa thunder. It has a Manual safety, but I never use it

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    Any confusion with the manipulation of the safety on a firearm can be a deadly mistake.. Brain is the primary safety. Trigger discipline is the key. Learn and practice it..

    The only carry gun I carry with a manual safety, is my Colt Officer's ACP.. Both of the M&Ps I carry have no manual safety (other than the hinged trigger assembly).. All are carried with a round in the chamber ready to fire.. Become familiar with the firearm you choose to carry and practice with it regularly.. Dry fire practice with inert mock ammo is a good idea.. If you're still not sure or comfortable, seek training. Be safe...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wjh2657 View Post
    I carry S&W revolvers or a Glock 23. My safety is my right index finger!
    Agreed. For a carry gun internal safeties such as on a DA/SA decocker, or the internal drop safeties of a Glock, or a revolver with a trigger bar are ideal. You want your carry gun to be as simple and safe as possible. If you want a mechanical safety that's simple to operate look into the XD line with the grip safety.
    Now don't take it as I'm knocking the 1911, SA cocked and locked method as I sometimes carry this, and it too is perfectly "safe". It just takes more getting used to and more practice and muscle memory to operate the mechanicals on the draw.
    Ultimately your index finger is the last safety device you must train to operate properly.
    I would avoid a carrying gun with a Mag safety. If you ever need to use it and you hit the mag release accidentally, or have a malfunction, you want the gun to fire even though there is no magazine inserted.

    Hope that helps.
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    Safeties are for libs!
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    I almost never carry it anymore but never had issues with the safety of my Para 911. I mostly carry one of my M&Ps now and none have the external safeties.

  11. I carry a Kahr CW45 acp. it has what\'s called a double action only safety. where the pistol does not fire until the trigger is pulled all the way back. It has no manual safety, therefore less mechanical buttons and levers to mess with when seconds count and You don\'t have much time to get your first shot off. So being aware of where your hands are, keeping your finger outside of the trigger guard and having a gun with the double action only (DAO) safety, would be my recommendation.

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