Man shoots himself -- When Concealed keep your finger off the trigger.
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Thread: Man shoots himself -- When Concealed keep your finger off the trigger.

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    Man shoots himself -- When Concealed keep your finger off the trigger.

    News Flash reported by WNEM TV 5 - Saginaw MI., and Detroit Freep

    Police:Man moves Glock, shoots self in private part.

    Sorry I can't give you the full link.
    Your going to have to search in Local News for "Police: Man moves Glock"
    There is a word that the system won't except. (It's a private part)

    If your going to wear your firearm to work, you better make sure it's safe before you start crawling around!

    For sure this is going to leave a mark.

    Be Safe out there!
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    I read it. OUCH! Was he carrying it in a Smart Carry?
    Maybe he should get a double action revolver. Not so touchy.
    "HogDoc Olliday"

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    Dumb happens. It does help the gene pool at times

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    Shooting yourself in the ***** is a proper punishment for buying a glock.

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    a good holster and a tight trigger are paramount for carrying safe imo as well many other safety practices.....
    sad story and another reason folks should reconsider how they carry and where the muzzle is aiming at all times
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Odds are he chose poorly when it came to holsters, or lack of.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    Yahooooooooo that man needs a good holster and a gun with a safety. If only there was a way of telling who the dumb people are when you sell people a gun. You could make sure you sell them something with a safety and a holster.
    WHY do people be so dumb as to stick a gun with no safety in their pants? Knowing the gun had no safety one would think he would be very careful.

  9. It still boggles my mind how many people spout off about Glocks not having a safety. They have 3 safeties, all of which are perfectly good. A poor holster choice is probably the culprit here. This could happen with any gun; this time it just happened to be a Glock. Do some research, fellas. I'm not a Glock fanboy, but I am a fan of accurate information.

  10. @Tommy Moon Thanks for writing the record with the proper information. I was about to do the same. Glocks have 3 safeties... But the most important safety is someone's brain. Whoever carries a Glock (or any gun for this matter) without the proper holster covering the trigger is not making the right choices...
    I am sorry for the poor man though...

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    This is a serious condition known as explosivecastritis. The main culprit of this condition is when the patient allows his trigger finger, or other smaller objects(no pun intended)to get into the trigger housing of the firearm he is placing in his pants. The prevention of this condition is very easy,and simple. Mainly,keep the fingers away from the trigger. If other objects are so small that they may inadvertantly get into the trigger housing(again,no pun intended,well,maybe a little),find another location for the firearm. There are some nice prevention devices out there,they are called "holsters". Many of them actually cover the trigger to prevent this serious condition. But even then,anyone who is exposed to this risk,must take the precaution of keeping the trigger finger,or anything else out of the trigger housing. After all,there are rules to this condition. They are;keep the finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire,and don't aim at anything you are not willing to destroy. Very important to remember.

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