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    I am curious as to how the self defense coverage works. I mean with what I hear about actually having to defend yourself or your family, wouldn't some type of insurance be the way to go. Insight on how the insurance works would be helpful. Thanks

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    i don't have any insurance either but i look forward to hearing others responses
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    Umbrella liability policy is a start. Armed citizens legal defense network ain't a bad idea either.

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    In Florida as long as it's a good shoot the shooter can not be successfully sued by statute. Over and above this most of us working class stiffs don't have enough financial assets to make it worth an attorney taking a suit on contingency.

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    Recently received something from the NRA about this sort of insurance, I'll have to go look at it.

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    Haven't found anything yet. My .45 is still irreplaceable. Lol, j/k , best insurance you can get is to invest in good self defense courses and carry laws in your state. Pays to sit down with a criminal gun lawyer for an hour and have all your questions and grey areas answered also. Knowledge is your best insurance. An umbrella policy is also a good idea but ya better make sure that it would even apply if to this type of situation because I'm not sure it would.

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