How many shots are nessessary
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Thread: How many shots are nessessary

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    How many shots are nessessary

    I know that most of us members have CC permits, and most of them have to take some sort of training class, and that this subject was discussed, ...... if you are in a self defense altercation, you shoot to stop the threat to you or your familys lives not nessessaly to kill the perpetrator, what got me rethinking abut this is a local man here in town is up on charges now because he basicly unloaded his mag into a dude, it was a XD I think, the dude had 8 or 9 holes out of a 16 rd mag, the ***** is the judge said he was clearly in the right defending himself, and if there was only two or three shots involved, he most lkely would have went home instead of a ride in the police car, the case is in litigation now, hopefully none of us wont ever have to make that judgement,

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    perhaps the perp didn't go down till after the mag was emptied? and then only 8 or 9 rounds hit him and depending on where the perp still could have been trying to attack?
    at anyrate i hope the person trying to defend himself walks as any person should who had to defend him or herself against any physical attack
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    If I were in one of these situations, I would shoot until the threat was neutralized. If it only takes one shot, so be it. If it takes all 17 rounds from my Ruger SR9, so be it. I would rather be alive than dead because I was worried about whether I used too many bullets.
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    It might be helpful if they said where the 8 or 9 bullets lodged in the victim. 8 in a limb and 1 to the thoratic cavity might tend toward one view and 9 to the brain might say something else.

  7. For the same reason you have car, homeowners, and life insurance, just in case, Isn't it better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it?

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    not to be trite but i'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Already said enough to stop the threat, LEO's here a couple of years ago put 20+ rounds in a guy to stop the threat.

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    'zombies' hyped up on bath salts may need a few extra rounds
    gun control is being able to hit your target

  11. Well I carry five .38 plus p rounds so I'd say five plus p rounds lol

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