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    Sig Pro 2022

    Hey all. I currently have a Sig P250, both in full and subcompact, but am thinking about buying a 2022 chambered in 9mm. (The 250 is a 9 also.)

    If my Internet searching is correct, the 2022 falls into a compact size, between the 2 I already have. My SC is too small for my mitts, and the FS is too big to be my EDC. I pondered buying a compact xchange kit for my 250, but I'm hoping the DA/SA will help my accuracy.

    Local FTF, guy wants 350 for it. It has contrast sights, btw. Its almost new, guy says 200 rounds through it.

    Good deal?

    Your opinions are appreciated.

  3. If its cheaper then in store . Looks good and they have a good warranty go for it

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    you can get the 15rd x-grip mags for the sub and that will effectively give you a compact sized grip on the subcompact for the price of a mag and a stupid piece of plastic.

    If you call customer service and ask about accessories, and why they are so much more than places like midway, you can usually get a price break. I think i paid $32 for one. This might be the perfect half-step for you.

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    it is a good gun,

    but have you looked at the SIg P250 compact frame. it is $45 and you can get a caliber exchange for $285

    then you have subcompact, compact and full size on the Sig P250.
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  6. I have the 250 SC and use the compact 15 round mags with the x-grip adapters and if works great, can get all fingers on the grip and accuracy is good. As gsim mentioned, it is significantly cheaper than buying the compact x-change kit, which I also have but do not use as now use the SC with the extended mags. I got mu mags and x-grips from Midway as well
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